Sunday, September 2, 2018

Absent Fathers

To absent fathers. I was lucky to have my Dad until I was 47 and my first grandfather died when I was 17 and the other the year I turned 21. All of that was a blessing. I got to know them, maybe not as well as I would have liked to on reflection, but I loved and was loved by them. So Fathers Day was celebrated and still is with my kids and now as grandkids are added to our extended family with them as well. But I know people whose lives have been spent absent of their father. For some it is because they have passed too early, or because someone had made a choice that their lives are better without them. Maybe the father has made that choice, maybe the mother, maybe circumstances conspired to estrange the families. Whatever the reason I hope if you’ve been an absent father that you spare some time to think of your children today because I guarantee they will be thinking of you. Please don’t let them forever wonder who their father is and what he is like.

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