Hanna Family History

Hanna Family Crest

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1.    [1] HANNA.
                                What I know of the HANNA family comes in large part from information provided by Bill HANNA of Wallsend, NSW 2287. Bill's great‑great‑ Grandparents were John HANNA and Margaret PATCHELL. One of their sons was William James HANNA who wrote several letters to my Great‑Grandfather John DUNN, son of John DUNN and Margaret HANNA. It appears from information contained in the letters that William James HANNA and John DUNN were first cousins which therefore makes John and Margaret HANNA brother and sister. Unfortunately we do not yet know who their parents were.

                                Additional information from Norma WUNSCH nee JOYCE (daughter of Alice DUNN granddaughter of John DUNN) states that her mother spoke of a David Steele HANNA who was also a cousin and who came to Australia. The Victorian Death Indexes show that he died aged 84 years in 1946, and that he was the son of James HANNA and Ellen STEELE of Glendermot, County Derry, Ireland. I have made the assumption that James was therefore also a brother of John and Margaret. This may be confirmed by a letter from William James HANNA to John DUNN dated  December 30, 1886,which states that "Uncle James" had died.

                                The IGI also lists two children born to Robert HANNA and Sarah Ann STEVENSON of Glendermot ‑ one unnamed born on 01/03/1864 and the second Jane Sarah HANNA born on 10/03/1866.

                                We know that that their were descendants from other HANNA siblings who remained in Derry. A letter to John DUNN from Maggie HANNA dated 16 November, 1885, mentions Robert HANNA in Australia. Robert is presumably the son of John HANNA and Margaret PATCHELL because Bill HANNA states that Robert, brother of his great‑Grandfather David came to Australia and later returned to Ireland. Is Maggie therefore the sister of Robert and David? Judging by comments such as‑ "They will not be so quick in sending for him again." ‑ it would seem likely  that she is a cousin to them as she was to John DUNN. Maggie stated that she was still single and then lists ‑ Lizzie and Sarah at business in Derry; Johnny, Cassie and Alexander; and Jim and Maggie still at home. It appears that these HANNA's are all siblings and so given that they are cousins to John DUNN they must either be children of William or James or an unknown brother, possibly Robert.

                                Another letter signed only as W.D.H. or W.J.H. (William David or William James HANNA?), dated 6 April, 1892, from the Tatalla Police Station, New South Wales mentions cousins James and Kate at White House, possibly identical to Jim and Cassie named in Maggie HANNA's letter. W.D.H. also had a brother James with whom he had had a falling out. He also mentions David HANNA, and although it is not stated, the tone of the letter would indicate that David was a cousin and not a brother to W.D.H., so he must be referring to either Bill's ancestor or to David Steele HANNA. My feeling is that it is more likely to be the former. So who was W.D.H.'s father. There are some clues in the letter.

                                Firstly he states that in 1892 he had been in the police force for eight years meaning that he had joined in about 1884. He says "James and me have never been on good terms since I left home as I could never forgive him for he treated me very bad but he tries to deny it. My father told me often that he would will all to me before his death but it was owing to the way he met his death that I was done out of it so as James and I could not agree. I proposed to go to New Zealand and got the sum of ten pounds when leaving and I never troubled any one from that day to this so when the will was sent out to me after my Mother(s) death I would not sign it until my claim was satisfied."

                                Does this mean that he left home after his father's death? The letter sending a legacy from James HANNA's estate to John DUNN is dated at the end of December 1886, a good two years after W.D.H. had joined the New South Wales Police. That would seem to eliminate James as the possible father of W.D.H.. We also know that he was a cousin to John DUNN and so therefore a nephew of Margaret HANNA, and presumably a cousin of David and therefore a nephew of John HANNA. That leaves the candidates for his father as either Robert (husband of Sarah STEVENSON) or an unknown brother. If Robert was not W.D.H.'s father then that makes him a candidate to be the father of Maggie HANNA.

                                I think we can conclude that the HANNA children were therefore ‑ John, Margaret, James, possibly Robert and at least one other brother.

      He married an unknown woman. Children:
           i.  James[2]. Born, before 1830, in Irl.
   4      ii.  William.
   3     iii.  John.
   2      iv.  Margaret.

                                                         SECOND GENERATION

2.    Margaret[2] HANNA (Anonymous, 1). Born, before 1830, in Irl.
      She married John DUNN, before 1842, in Co Londonderry, Irl. Born, before 1830. Died, Jul 1879, in Creevedonnel, Co Londonderry, IRL.


   5       i.  James[3].
          ii.  Andrew Thomas. Born, circa 1843, in Co Londonderry, Irl. Died, 7
               Feb 1928, in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Burial in
               Ocean View Cem., Vancouver, B.C., Canada (letter to Alice JOYCE
               nee DUNN from Bob DUNN, 19/02/1928).
   6     iii.  John.
   7      iv.  Elizabeth.
   8       v.  William.

3.    John[2] HANNA (Anonymous, 1). Born, before 1830, in Irl. Died, 11 Mar 1883, in Co Londonderry, IRL.
      He married Margaret PATCHELL, before 1838. Born, circa 1803, in  Londonderry, IRL (Bill HANNA, pers comm 25/02/1993). Died, 10 Feb 1889, in  Londonderry, IRL (ibid.). Children:
   9       i.  Samuel[3].
          ii.  William James. Born, circa 1838, in Londonderry, IRL. Died, 9
               May 1918, in Londonderry, IRL. He married Catherine Jane WILSON,
               circa 1900, in Londonderry, IRL.
         iii.  David. Born, 12 Mar 1840, in Londonderry, IRL.
          iv.  Margaret. Born, 5 Mar 1842, in Londonderry, IRL. Christened, 23
               Apr 1842, in Londonderry, IRL.
           v.  Margaret. Born, circa 1847, in Londonderry, IRL. Christened, 8
               Feb 1847, in Londonderry, IRL. She married Henry ROBINSON, 1863
               (Marriage not confirmed, from Bill HANNA, pers comm 25/02/1993).
          vi.  Robert. Born, circa 1849, in Londonderry, IRL. Christened, 10
               Jun 1849, in Londonderry, IRL.
         vii.  Robert. Born, circa 1850, in Londonderry, IRL.
        viii.  Mary Jane. Born, circa 1850, in Londonderry, IRL. Christened, 6
               Jan 1850, in Londonderry, IRL. She married Samuel MCCORKELL, son
               of John MCCORKELL, 1 Jun 1871, in IRL.
          ix.  David. Born, circa 1850, in Londonderry, IRL. Died, 2 Mar 1850,
               in Londonderry, IRL.
  10       x.  Joseph Alexander.
  11      xi.  David.

4.    William[2] HANNA (Anonymous, 1). Born, before 1830, in Irl.
      He married Ellen STEEL, before 1864, in Glendermot, Londonderry, IRL (?).
           i.  David Steel[3]. Born, 10 May 1864, in Glendermot, Londonderry,
               IRL (IGI). Died, 1946, in Vic (VDI 9060/1946).
          ii.  Sarah. Born, 7 Jul 1865, in Glendermot, Londonderry, IRL (IGI).
         iii.  John Smith. Born, 29 Dec 1866, in Glendermot, Londonderry, IRL

                                                           THIRD GENERATION

5.    James[3] DUNN. Born, before 1843, in Co Londonderry, IRL.
      He married an unknown woman. Children:
  12       i.  Robert[4].
          ii.  Maggie.
         iii.  Anna.

6.    John[3] DUNN. Born, circa 1845, in Co Londonderry, Irl. Died, 12 Aug 1917, in Brunswick, Vic.
      He married Catherine Anne COLLINS, daughter of Phillip COLLINS and Janet
BRADLEY, circa 1885, in Adelaide, SA. Born, 11 Jan 1855, in Gawler, SA. Died, 9
Aug 1934, in Merlynston, Vic. Children:
  13       i.  John Albert[4].
  14      ii.  Margaret Jane.
         iii.  Anora Agnes. Born, 6 Sep 1891, in Melbourne, Vic. Died, 29 Oct
          iv.  Catherine Ann. Born, 18 Feb 1894, in Melbourne, Vic. Died, 28
               Mar 1917, in Melbourne, Vic.
  15       v.  Elizabeth Florence.
  16      vi.  Alice May.
  17     vii.  Lillie.
        viii.  David. Born, 11 Jul 1902, in Melbourne, Vic. Died, 3 Nov 1902,
               in Melbourne, Vic.
          ix.  Andrew Thomas. Born, 8 Feb 1904, in Melbourne, Vic. Died, 22 Sep
               1925, in Melbourne, Vic.

7.    Elizabeth[3] DUNN. Born, circa 1846, in Co Londonderry, Irl.
      She married James WILSON, circa 1866, in Co Londonderry, Irl. Born,
before 1850, in Irl. Children:
           i.  Andrew Thomas[4]. Born, before 1875, in Co Londonderry, Irl.
          ii.  Samuel. Born, before 1875, in Co Londonderry, Irl.
         iii.  Matilda May. Born, before 1875, in Co Londonderry, Irl.
          iv.  Eliza Jane. Born, before 1875, in Co Londonderry, Irl.
           v.  Maggie. Born, before 1875, in Co Londonderry, Irl.
          vi.  Catherine A. Born, before 1875, in Co Londonderry, Irl.

8.    William[3] DUNN. Born, circa 1848, in Co Londonderry, Irl.
      He married Mary Jane MCINTIRE, 9 Jan 1868, in Donagheady, Co Tyrone, Irl.
Born, before 1850, in Irl. Children:
           i.  Jane[4]. Born, before 1870, in Irl. Died, 27 Oct 1933, in Tully,
               Londonderry, Nth.Ireland (letter to Alice JOYCE nee DUNN from
               Minnie DUNN, Jane's sister 17/01/35).
          ii.  Bella. Born, before 1875, in Irl.
         iii.  Maggie. Born, before 1875, in Irl.
          iv.  Minnie. Born, before 1875, in Irl.
           v.  Lydia. Born, before 1875, in Irl.
          vi.  Andrew Thomas. Born, before 1875, in Irl.
         vii.  William. Born, before 1875, in Irl.
        viii.  John James. Born, before 1875, in Irl.

9.    Samuel[3] HANNA (John, 3). Born, circa 1835, in Londonderry, IRL.
      He married Margaret, before 1871. Children:
           i.  Margaret Patchell[4]. Born, 7 Apr 1871, in IRL (Ramelion
               Heritage & Development Association, 27/02/1991).

10.   Joseph Alexander[3] HANNA (John, 3). Born, circa 1852, in Londonderry,
IRL. Died, 6 May 1935, in Londonderry, IRL. Christened, 12 Dec 1855.
      He married, first, Margaret EDWARDS, before 1889. Born, circa 1863. Died,
22 Jan 1900, in Londonderry, IRL. Children:
           i.  Catherine Mary[4]. Born, 23 Mar 1889, in Londonderry, IRL. Died,
               29 Feb 1980, in Londonderry, IRL.

      He married, second, Isabel GRAHAM, before 1916, in Londonderry, IRL.
Born, circa 1888, in IRL. Died, 10 Mar 1933, in IRL. Children:
          ii.  Joseph. Born, 2 Feb 1916, in Londonderry, IRL. He married Edna
               EAKIN, daughter of Andrew EAKIN and Frances POLLOCK, 11 Feb
               1950, in Londonderry, IRL.
  18     iii.  Eileen Isabel.

11.   David[3] HANNA (John, 3). Born, circa 1853, in Londonderry, IRL. Died, 14
Feb 1903.
      He married Susan Anna SMITH, daughter of Richard SMITH and Mary Ann
HOLDEN, 21 Jan 1879, in Castlemaine, Vic (VMI 136/1879). Born, circa 1858, in
Castlemaine, Vic. Died, 3 Mar 1911, in Vic (?). Children:

           i.  John Alfred[4]. Born, 8 Feb 1880, in Castlemaine, Vic. Died, 12
               Jul 1903.
  19      ii.  Margaret Lillian.
  20     iii.  William David.
  21      iv.  Robert.
  22       v.  George Patchell.
  23      vi.  Rupert Edward.
         vii.  Ivy. Born, 20 Sep 1895, in Castlemaine, Vic. Died, 20 Mar 1896.
  24    viii.  Irene Dorothy.
  25      ix.  Doris May.

                                                         FOURTH GENERATION

12.   Robert[4] DUNN (James, 5).
      He married Alice, before 1934, in possibly, Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada. Children:
           i.  Robert (Bob)[5]. Born, circa 1934, in Vancouver, British
               Columbia, Canada ?.

13.   John Albert[4] DUNN (John, 6). Born, 26 May 1887, in Melbourne, Vic. Died, 4 May 1931.
      He married Florence May JOYCE, daughter of John Henry JOYCE and Mary Anne
CODY, 14 Aug 1920. Born, 25 Jan 1894. Died, Dec 1974. Children:
           i.  John Albert[5]. Born, 1 Mar 1921, in Vic.

14.   Margaret Jane[4] DUNN (John, 6). Born, 21 Feb 1889, in Melbourne, Vic. Died, 25 Jun 1966.
      She married Albert George BRIDGES, son of Thomas BRIDGES and Adelaide
EWEN. Born, 1888, in Brunswick, Vic (VBI 1047/1888). Children:
  26       i.  George Andrew[5].
          ii.  Lesley Adelaide. Born, 8 May 1912. Died, 3 Mar 1977.
  27     iii.  Grace Margaret.
          iv.  Albert John. Born, 3 Nov 1924.

15.   Elizabeth Florence[4] DUNN (John, 6). Born, 22 Nov 1895, in Melbourne,
Vic. Died, 16 Jan 1987, in Melbourne, Vic.
      She married Harry Cooper WHITE, son of Henry Ernest WHITE and Margaret
Jane COOPER, 28 May 1921, in Melbourne, Vic. Born, 30 Nov 1886, in Melbourne,
Vic. Died, 27 Jun 1969, in Melbourne, Vic. Children:
  28       i.  Harry Haywood[5].
  29      ii.  Grace Marjorie.
         iii.  Thelma Florence. Born, 3 Sep 1929, in Melbourne, Vic. She
               married Noel COLE, 4 Nov 1963.

16.   Alice May[4] DUNN (John, 6). Born, 12 Feb 1897, in Melbourne, Vic. Died, 18 Sep 1977, in Melbourne, Vic.
      She married William JOYCE, son of John Henry JOYCE and Mary Anne CODY, 18
Dec 1920, in Brunswick, Vic. Born, 1 Apr 1885, in Hobart, Tas (TBI RGD
2905/1885). Died, 18 Feb 1974, in Melbourne, Vic.  Children:
  30       i.  Keith William[5].
  31      ii.  Norma May.
         iii.  Andrew Thomas Noel. Born, 25 Dec 1925, in Merlynston, Vic. Died,
              . He married Emma Elsie GRIFFITHS, 11 Feb 1974, in Vic.
  32      iv.  Allan John.

17.   Lillie[4] DUNN (John, 6). Born, 13 Jun 1900, in Melbourne, Vic. Died, 21 Feb 1956, in Melbourne, Vic.
      She married Thomas SNOWDEN, son of Thomas SNOWDEN. Born, circa 1894. Children:
  33       i.  John Wallace[5].
  34      ii.  Marjorie.

18.   Eileen Isabel[4] HANNA (Joseph Alexander, 10). Born, 15 Mar 1918, in Londonderry, IRL.
      She married Arthur James CAMPBELL, before 1944. Born, 1 May 1918, in St
Johnston, Nth IRL. Children:
           i.[5]. Born, 18 Mar 1944, in Londonderry, IRL. She married
               Christopher OWEN.
          ii.  Robin Derek. Born, 1 Sep 1955, in Londonderry, IRL.

19.   Margaret Lillian[4] HANNA (David, 11). Born, 12 Jun 1882, in Castlemaine, Vic. Died, 17 Sep 1957.
      She married John Joseph HORGAN. Born, circa 1891. Died, 21 Jan 1959.  Children:
           i.  John[5]. Died, circa 1988.
          ii.  Ivy. She married Michael RYAN.
         iii.  Marjory. She married Desmond MCNAMARA.
          iv.  Kathleen Anna. Born, circa 1912. Died, 6 Jun 1989. She married
               John SANDERS.
           v.  Edward Daniel. Born, circa 1918. Died, circa 1943.

20.   William David[4] HANNA (David, 11). Born, 10 Mar 1884, in Castlemaine, Vic.
      He married Jessie TAMLYN, before 1909. Born, circa 1888. Died, 19 Jun 1938. Children:
  35       i.  William David Gregory[5].
  36      ii.  Grace May Dorothy.
         iii.  Jessie Margaret Anna. Born, 14 Jun 1913. Died, 25 Jan 1981, in
               Holbrook Hosp, Holbrook, NSW.

21.   Robert[4] HANNA (David, 11). Born, 27 May 1886, in Castlemaine, Vic. Died, 12 Sep 1965. Burial in Rookwood Cemeter, NSW.
      He married Kathleen Elizabeth BURR, 10 Oct 1910, in Balranald, NSW. Children:
  37       i.  Robert James[5].
  38      ii.  Granville Barr.
         iii.  Kathleen. Born, 11 Jul 1915, in Junee (?), NSW. Died, 3 Mar
               1959. She married John LISSOM (?), 10 May 1941.

22.   George Patchell[4] HANNA (David, 11). Born, 27 Jun 1888, in Castlemaine,  Vic. Died, 2 Jul 1952.
      He married Lucy Janet EDWARDS, daughter of Donald Langdon EDWARDS and
Janet, 17 May 1911, in Junee, NSW. Born, circa 1885. Died, 11 Feb 1967. Children:
           i.  John Alfred[5]. Born, 8 Aug 1911. Died, 1 Jun 1979.
  39      ii.  Jean.

23.   Rupert Edward[4] HANNA (David, 11). Born, 25 Apr 1892, in Castlemaine, Vic. Died, 17 Jan 1971.
      He married Alice May. Died, 27 Jan 1985. Children:
  40       i.  Doris May[5].
          ii.  Rupert Bernard. Born, circa 1920. Died, 9 Aug 1941. Burial:
               1941, in Finley, NSW (RC Plot Sec 2, Grave 13).
  41     iii.  Ronald Edward.
  42      iv.  John Neville.

24.   Irene Dorothy[4] HANNA (David, 11). Born, 4 Jul 1897, in Moolamein, Vic. Died, 9 Mar 1952, in Jerilderie, NSW.
      She married Richard Daniel SLATTERY, 11 Oct 1916, in Jerilderie, NSW.
Born, 8 Nov 1891, in Lancefield, Vic. Died, 18 Dec 1967, in Jerilderie, NSW.
           i.  Richard Frances[5]. Born, circa 1917, in Mulwala, NSW. Died, 7
               Jun 1921, in Mulwala, NSW. Burial: 8 Jun 1921, in Mulwala, NSW.
          ii.  John Colin. Born, 17 Dec 1919, in Mulwala, NSW.

25.   Doris May[4] HANNA (David, 11). Born, 6 May 1900, in Castlemaine, Vic. Died, 26 Mar 1963.
      She married Rupert WHITE. Children:
           i.  Max[5]. He married Glenys.
          ii.  Patricia. She married Norman PARDEW.