Collins Family History


1.    Phillip[1] COLLINS. Born, circa 1820, in County Meath, Ireland. Died, 9
Oct 1911, in Port Adelaide, SA.
My great great Grandfather Phillip COLLINS was born in County Meath, Ireland and arrived in South Australia circa 1856. His first daughter Catherine Anne was born on 11 January, 1855, supposedly in Gawler, South Australia, however I have not been able to locate a record of her birth in the South Australian indexes. This may mean that she was born at sea. Nor have I yet found any evidence of the marriage of Phillip to his wife, Janet BRADLEY. According to their daughter Catherine's death certificate, Phillip was a seaman.
At some stage Phillip, Janet and their family moved from Gawler in South Australia to Broken Hill in New South Wales. Norma WUNSCH nee JOYCE, granddaughter of Kate, has told me that Kate said she remembered going to sleep in their house and having death adders crawl over her legs.
May PETTMAN nee JOB, daughter of Elizabeth said that Annie died in childhood but whether this was before or after the move to Broken Hill I cannot say. She has also told me that Phillip COLLINS (her Grandfather) worked as a labourer laying railway lines and that Janet used to cook the meals for the men.
Phillip died on 9th October, 1911, aged 91 years in Port Adelaide and was then resident at the house of his daughter Elizabeth Jane and her husband John Bowden JOB.

He married Janet BRADLEY, before 1855, in SA. Born, before 1830, in Irl. Died, before 1911, in Australia.
I don't know when Janet arrived in South Australia but it was certainly by 1856 and may have been as early as 1855. The South Australian shipping records show a Jane BRADLEY arriving in Adelaide aboard the vessel "Aliquis" on 12 August, 1855, aged 19 years. She was a domestic servant from County Derry, Ireland.
It may be that she met her husband Phillip COLLINS aboard the ship, because her daughter Catherine Anne was born on 11 January, 1855.
Janet died some time prior to 1911 but I do not yet know when. Children:

i.  Catherine Anne[2]. Born, 11 Jan 1855, in Gawler, SA. Died, 9 Aug
1934, in Merlynston, Vic. She married John DUNN, son of John
DUNN and Margaret HANNA, circa 1885, in Adelaide, SA.
2      ii.  Mary.
iii.  Annie. Born, circa 1870, in SA.
iv.  Jack. Born, circa 1870, in SA.
3       v.  Elizabeth Jane.


2.    Mary[2] COLLINS (Phillip, 1). Born, circa 1857, in SA. Died, 19 Aug 1935. Information on this family comes from Norma ROSS 9/3 Wyuna Rd., Point Piper, NSW 2027 (letter to Laurie JOYCE 12/09/1992).

She married John (Jack) SPARKES. Born, circa 1864. Died, 28 Aug 1926.

4       i.  Win[3].
5      ii.  Annie.
6     iii.  Grace.
7      iv.  Hilda.
8       v.  Amelia Ethel.
9      vi.  Jack.
vii.  Bob. He married Alice.
10    viii.  Ernie.

3.    Elizabeth Jane[2] COLLINS (Phillip, 1). Born, 7 Jun 1874, in SA. Died, 11 Sep 1961.

She married John Bowden JOB, 11 Oct 1899, in Broken Hill, NSW. Children:

i.  Charlotte[3]. Born, 1 Jul 1900.
11      ii.  Alice.
iii.  Arnold. Born, 8 Jul 1905. Died, Sep 1987.
12      iv.  May.
v.  Rita. Born, 17 Jul 1913. She married ANDREWS.


4.    Win[3] SPARKES.

She married Ted PECKMAN. Children:

13       i.  Jenny[4].

5.    Annie[3] SPARKES.

She married Herbert BOOTH. Occupation: Butcher. Children:

i.  Herbert John[4]. Born, 1912. Died, circa 1936.
14      ii.  Norma.

6.    Grace[3] SPARKES.

She married DERWENT. Children:

i.  Tom[4].

7.    Hilda[3] SPARKES.

She married Harry LOVEDAY. Children:

i.  Norman[4]. He married Dot.

8.    Amelia Ethel[3] SPARKES. Born, circa 1909. Died, 26 Jan 1973 (aged 63,
source; Mavis and Jim JONES, 15 Violet St, Miranda, NSW 2228).

She married James Harry JONES. Born, circa 1906. Died, 14 Feb 1966.

15       i.  Jim Sparkes[4].

9.    Jack[3] SPARKES.

He married Mima. Children:

i.  Syd[4].
ii.  Mima.
iii.  Sylvia. She married Ron EMMETT.

10.   Ernie[3] SPARKES.

He married an unknown woman. Children:

i.  John[4].

11.   Alice[3] JOB. Born, 26 Dec 1902.

She married BENNETTS. Children:

i.  Len[4].
ii.  Ron.

12.   May[3] JOB. Born, 21 Apr 1911.

She married William PETTMAN. Children:

i.  John[4]. Born, 11 Feb 1947, in SA.
ii.  Valma. Born, 11 Feb 1947, in SA.