Sunday, November 27, 2011

Less than 33 days

Not sure who you are but if you thought it might have been a good idea to tell my daughters about my 33 Days post, it wasn't.   Apparently I shouldn't be guilt tripping them because they are very busy and I now live too far away for them to be able to find the time to visit once a month.  So I stopped trying to ring them once a week to see how they are and I have no intention of guilt tripping them any more.   So I appreciate that you may have thought you were doing the right thing by me but to be honest, please don't do it again.  It's not worth my grief and as I was told this isn't about me anyway.   They'll get around to contacting me sooner or later.  Maybe.

Now onto things that are about me.  I had a lump come up on the palm of my left hand a few weeks back.  The doctor thought it was a ganglion cyst but sent me off for an ultrasound which pointed to it being a possible tumor.   I saw a surgeon had it removed and it turned out to be a ganglion cyst which I am happy about.

My lady had a bad back, saw a doctor who told her that she should go home take some panadol and he would refer her to a counselor because she was depressed.   She got a second opinion and that doctor sent her off for an MRI and on getting the results told her to get straight to hospital because she needed an emergency operation to remover the pressure on the nerves in her spinal cord or risk becoming a paraplegic.   She was admitted that day, operated on the next and sent home the day after that.  Now more than three weeks into an initial 6 week convalescence she is pain free if still unable to move totally freely and improving every day.

Which brings me to my next point and the fact that we have both started a Light and Easy diet.  Which I'm finding Light and Difficult having cut my food intake by half.  Still I have dropped from 92 kgs, last time I gave blood a month ago to 87.9 kg at the end of the first week of the diet and 84.6 kg when I weighed myself this morning at the end of the second week.   That bit of a pot belly that men of a certain age get has already shrunk significantly and I can stand in a certain place now and see my naughty bits.   That has to be good I think.    The thought of a leg of lamb or a whole roast chicken is still pretty good though.

My first Sunday breakfast on the diet and I had one egg and even that had a sad face.   And then I remember how many people in this world do actually go to bed genuinely hungry every day and I realise once again how lucky I really am.


River said...

I'm in the same position with kids and little to no contact. I understand that they are all busy, all four have jobs and one is renovating a house as well. Plus adding another room for a home office. So there's not much time to be calling me or visiting, but I enjoy my own company and there's email too.
Congratulations on the weight loss. And I think that first doctor your lady saw was a little inconsiderate with not doing a proper examination.

Jen said...

Sorry to hear of the angst that came out of that post Laurie.

Amazing how you designed and built the house around having a hoard of kids around and it hasn't worked out that way. I do believe though as they get a bit older they will realise the relationship they are missing and crave it again. Especially when they have children of their own.

Yep, good luck on the diet, as River said. The weight thing... Aargh!

And glad to hear your lady is doing well now.

I do sense a sadness coming from your writing. I guess we all go through stages like that. It's still but a moment in the scheme of things.

Take care.


Janine K said...

Saw your other half today, she is looking hot!!!

I feel your pain for the lack of thought by this current generation of kids, where did we go wrong with them? I know they are busy, but so are we too, yet we find the time to think about them, worry for them, and care for them. You don't want to run their lives, just be a small part of their lives.

I just count my blessings that I have so many great friends both new and old, who welcome you with a smile and never feel under any obligation, are just happy to spend some time together chatting.

As the old saying goes - you can pick your friends.......(I think you know the rest)

Stephanie said...

Oh, Loz, I'm sorry you're experiencing such a disconnect with your daughters. I honestly believe that it is a factor of age and maturity. Once they have lived a little more of life, and can better understand that situations are rarely black and white, they'll come around.

I'm so glad your lady's surgery went well, and that she's recovering nicely. Thank heaven.

I, too, am battling the middle-age spread. It's neither easy nor remotely fun, but you do feel so much better when you're at your fightin' weight! :-)