Saturday, December 10, 2011

Woolen Trousers, Levis and Bum Cracks

Must admit that my favourite jeans are Levi 101's.  Pulling on a pair with button up fly is like meeting an old friend.  Of course these days the waist has gotten somewhat bigger than that of my first pair circa 1974.

It was a long time before Mum agreed to let me wear denim.  She'd send me to the snow in shorts in winter and off to school in grey woollen sorts all year round but there wasn't a pair of long legged trousers to be seen anywhere in my single wardrobe at Box Hill South.  Until Form 1 that is.

That year, 1969, we had an excursion at the end of the year to the gold mining town of Maldon and I was the somewhat embarrassed wearer of the only pair of long pants I owned - brown checked woollen trousers.  At least I was warm but when everyone else is wearing jeans it was a bit hard to take.

Mum eventually realised that maybe denim wasn't so bad after all and I got a pair of Stirling jeans - the ones with the checkered flag logo and a really cool pocket on the side of the leg where you could fit a comb.  Not that I needed one because they were the years when Dad would take me up to the barbers on the corner of Middleborough and Eley Roads for a college cut.   These days it would be called a number one.

After the Stirling jeans came my first really expensive pair - Amco Heavyweights with a suede patch on the back.  Not quite Levis but I was getting there.  Of course as I got older and graduated to Lee Jeans which were bought at a mens wear store in Flinders street in the City next to Lindrums Pool Hall.  If you read this Andrew help me out here.

And as we got older the jeans were pulled down a little further exposing both the few pubic hairs we had at the front and the bum crack at the back - unless Mum was around of course.

Mid to late 70's the fashion changes again.  The legs got wider and Juz Jeans and Staggers were the brand of choice.  I bought a pair of Staggers that were so tight I could barely move.  The sales girl told me they would stretch but after a couple of wears I gave them to my sister Karen because my voice kept getting higher.

Another thing I remember about the jeans of Burwood High days were that for a while there is was really cool to wear them as low down as possible, showing a few pubic hairs if you had them or exposing the bum crack if you didn't.  Of course we had graduated from y fronts to jockettes in those days which were pretty brief and not big enough to show above the waist of the jeans anyway.

Jeans are still my trouser of choice these days and over the years I've gone through the plain navy denim, light blue denim, brown denim and white denim.  The there were the acid wash and stone washed versions in black or navy mostly with legs that varied from stove pipe to wide flares.  But through all that the 501's have remained the favourite.


River said...

Shorts, in the winter, to the snow.
What WAS your mum thinking? No long pants at all?? That's crazy.

Now maybe you can enlighten me a little...what is it with the low down, bum crack showing pants??
Why do boys/men do this? It's not at all a nice look, especially from behind with the sagginess of the pants hanging under the bum.
I saw a young man recently who had his entire underpants clad bum hanging out with the jeans being held up by a belt around the top of his legs. DISGUSTING!!!

terri said...

Well they do say that fashions repeat themselves. And I thought that jeans worn low on the waist was a new fashion, but apparently it's already been done! This was a fun read!

Jen said...

I can't believe you wore shorts to the snow either... lol. Goodness!

Ummmm... now I am the same age as you Laurie and I can't remember the guys wearing the jeans down low like that. Will check in with them the next time we catch up.

I remember the high waisted. Oh and the great big flares. Staggers were 'the jeans' to have. And yep tight, tight, tight... Remember Ted Mulry and the Gang... and those bands at that time? lol.

I had a pair of Staggers I loved. And us girls had to wear the little cardigan thing... Oh and of course Miller shirts.

It's fun remembering back hey?


Pam said...

Hi Loz, I haven't been over here in a long long time and apologize for that. Love this post about 501's, still a favorite of mine to see on men-folk ;). Anyway, love the pics, those 70 flares.... Oh yes, good times. Good times.