Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

For all those Fathers out there may I wish you well today.  Not a day goes by when I don't miss my Dad and this year a week before the anniversary of Mum's passing it is a little more poignant.  Son number 2 and girlfriend and both daughters came over for a BBQ lunch and we spent the afternoon watching the Return of the King in the home theatre.

And the new house is now home - we've spent much of the past couple of weekends cleaning up the old one and have in fact now walked out the door up there for the last time.  Raels has posted some updated photos over at Destination 3977.

My contract at work finishes at the end of next month but it looks like I'll be offered a longer term one to stay on and finish off what I've started.   The works interesting, I'm still learning, and the people are good.  Doesn't need to be anything else really does there.

So just a short update this time - i've got a few other posts on the go but haven't managed to finish them yet.  I reckon things might slow down a bit over the next few weeks and I'll get a bit more time to write.

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