Sunday, July 3, 2011

Do you know who I am?????

She screamed it at me on Thursday night but only after I'd absolutely had enough.

It started as a pretty ordinary train trip home.  I was sitting back engrossed in my book "Written in Time" and listening in the background to Sports Today on 3AW (gotta love Tunein Radio as an iPhone Ap).

We got to Box Hill and a couple of disheveled looking young ladies, and I lose the term lightly, got on and wandered up the carriage past me.  It wasn't long until the voices were raised loud enough to not only interfere with my radio listening but distracting of my reading as well.

Like "young ladies" seem to do more often these days there was a lot of effin c's and various other colourful phrases.  I picked up that the older looking slag was 28 and one of the others who also boarded the train but from a different door was 18.  The older one was yelling and screaming something about the younger one muttering about her under her breath.   When a few other people started to vacate that end of the carriage and move down past where I was sitting I turned around to see what was going on and saw the younger one seated with the older one standing above her blocking her in and leaning down screaming in her face.   They were both clearly, drunk, drug affected or both and as I watched it was suddenly on and a full blown cat fight started, the screaming and swearing continued and the hair pulling and scratching had started.

I had enough.  I took the earphones out and tucked them into my pocket, I asked the young girl opposite me to look after my pack and I went and grabbed the 28 year old from behind and pulled them apart.  Whilst I restrained her the other girl was ushered into another carriage by two other companions.

The two now separated physically I let the older one go and told her to sit down and shut up.

"You're not a fucking copper," she yelled in my face.

I turned walked away and sat back down.

"Do you know who I am?," she screamed at the top of her voice.    "I'm a member of the P...gill family!"  Spit flying from her mouth the stud on her tongue almost sticking up her nostril as she spat the vitriol at me.

"You're face is burned into my brain.  You better watch your back!   You're gonna end up fuckin dead!"

And for those who don't know.   That statement about her family history alone says it all really and shows precisely why that "young lady" actually doesn't really have much of a future.   There will be many more fights ahead for her, angry, bitter, full of a false pride in a family that has no respect at all in my world.   I wish her luck but reckon she's more likely to end up in a gutter somewhere.

Incidentally, not one other person intervened.  They were all happy to sit there and ignore what was happening whilst a young girl, who may or may not have caused it in the first place, got the crap beaten out of her.  WTF is that all about.


Vương Tử Trực said...

Oooh! :o

Josie said...

Good for you! The world needs a few more men... and women... with courage these days. Enough of the silent majority, and definitely enough of foul-mouthED self-indulged young people that seem to be overtaking our world.

River said...

I don't know which family she was referring to, but if being one of them ensures her a dismal future, then she doesn't have much to be proud of.
I'm glad to hear you intervened, so many just turn the other way.

Jen said...

The exact words from me too Josie. Good for you Laurie! Good for you!

We do need more people like you. We really do. Why are so many people afraid? Why?

You can't live your life in fear.

And if more people started standing up against minority creeps like these...maybe that world we knew would come back.


Snowbrush said...

If one of them was clearly the victim of the other, I would have had to step in, but if they were on a more or less equal footing, I would have let it ride. Here in the States anyway, do-gooders are too prone to being hurt, killed, sued, and/or arrested for trying to help.

Loz said...

I don't want to make myself out as a hero here because I'm not. I've wondered in the past few days whether I would have been as quick to step in if it had been a couple of young blokes and sad to say I probably wouldn't have. I like to think if someone else had that I would have backed them up but I'm not sure I would have been the first to make a move.

Jess said...

There are far too many incidents like this now.. And I agree, far too many people who could sometimes help an innocent person and often choose not to.

Yes, sometimes it is because of fear but it is more often than not an arrogant aloofness to the world around them. It makes me angry.

A friends friend was killed on the lilydale line a few years ago... As the train was pulling in to box hill station. He was minding his own business and a guy stabbed him. He was a young dad with his life ahead of him. No one Tried to help him.


Janine K said...

Loz I ejected a young 11 or 12 year old from work the other day because of lack of respect for other patrons and using the F and C words. My other half told me to not do it again and leave it to the manager because a woman was stabbed and killed in Lalor the other night for no apparent reason, he worries for my safety and the resulting possible consequences of my actions.

I think it's sad that today young people have little respect for others and I blame parents today that are under pressure to work longer and harder to buy all these material things that kids seem to think they need these days. They forget that spending more time with their kids is

God help us all.