Saturday, June 18, 2011

The days go by

Newhome is almost ready - plumbing is done, tiling is finished, garage doors are hung, the floor coverings go down this week and our Post Construction Inspection is booked for 12 July.   We will probably be in by early August.

A few weeks back the last of my pets from the old life was run over by a car and killed.  Connie, our Brittany spaniel was named after Constance daughter of the Duke of Brittany.   She was about 15 years old and had been ailing since Gambit, her brother, died a few months back.  But she was let out in the yard with the front gate open and wandered onto the road.  She was the most beautiful natured dog and whilst I haven't lived with her for a few years now it still hurts to think she had to go in that way.   RIP Connie.

I'm halfway through my tenure at work but the boss has asked if I'm interested in sticking around.  I've said yes but will make up my mind when I find out what the offer is.  I have a bottomline that will need to be met so that the new mortgage is covered.

Speaking of the mortgage, the CBA is stuffing us around again.  It looks like they underpaid the first of the builders payments by about $2.5k which means we now have to find the extra.  The problem is because of the way the loans were set up I have no visibility of any payments we made or fees we were charged pre March this year.  I've asked for a full reconciliation and four days later still haven't heard a result yet.   We'll definitely look at moving banks once the settlements are done.

We lay byed  some limited edition prints for the home theatre today.  An indulgence, certainly, but maybe an investment too.   The prints are those below by an artist called Alex Ross.

Erin has left school and started work.  Not something I agree with but no point in forcing her to stay on and waste the rest of the year either.  She has the next couple of years planned out - save for a car, save for an overseas trip, work overseas for a couple of years and then come back and decide what she wants to do.  I'm in fact less upset with that decision than I am with the fact that her mother did not communicate any of it to me.  I found out a week after the fact.  Still, can't be too critical can we, if I am my kids tend to get all angry with me.


Josie said...

Wow, you have so much going on in your life right now... new house, new job, kids... it's no wonder we don't hear from you often. Life can be a real juggling act at times, can't it?

I am so excited about your new house, following the photo progression on R's blog. It looks lovely, can't wait to see it furnished and you there!

My heart goes out to you on the death of Connie, our pets are like beloved children, and they hold a special place in our hearts. I too am sad that she had to depart in this way, but I'm certain she is running happy, young, and free in doggie heaven with her brother!

I will always shake my head at ex-spouses who don't communicate about the kids. I know how hard you've tried to make that happen. What sense is there in her holding back, and it certainly doesn't help the kids any either. I wouldn't want her karma. While like you Erin's choice wouldn't be my preference, I will wish her well and hope that in the next couple years she experiences much of life and returns ready to pick up school and make a good future for herself. If she has any of her dad's survival instinct she will be just fine!

River said...

My kids left school before I wanted them too also, but each of them were finding school boring and each had a job to go to, so I couldn't really say no. And they've all done well for themselves. Erin's plan sounds like a good one, I hope it works out for her.

Loz said...

Hi Josie - not sure I'll ever claim to have been the best communicator and anyone whose followed the blog will know that any fault and blame for the end of the marriage was mine, but there are some things that a father has a right to know even when you can't do anything about it. An email would have been OK if a talk can't be stomached.
She is a smart young lady and very much her own person so I know that it will all work out OK.

Loz said...

I'm sure it will River, but it doesn't stop me wanting the best for her.