Monday, May 16, 2011

Dad Humour

I wonder sometimes whether my kids will ever "get" my sense of humour.  A couple of weeks ago daughter number one told me she had sort of broken up with her new boy friend, at his request.  She then proceeded to tell me that for the next couple of nights after he'd done that he turned up to see her.

"I'm just going with the flow Dad," she told me.   And so I told her to give me his phone number so I could call him and ask what his intentions were.   She declined of course, but I think she actually believed I would have done it.

The night after I told my youngest daughter in my most earnest voice that it was time that she and I had a discussion about the Birds and the Bees, whereupon she got up and said that she'd be reading a book in her bedroom.   Again I was kidding but sometimes they don't seem to get it.

A couple of weeks ago I told them that if William Shatner married Fifi Box, she'd be Fifi Shatner-Box.  That one they got, both of them posting it on Facebook.   Last night daughter number two asked me if I'd seen the movie Thirteen and I said "No, but I've seen the sequel Fourteen."    I thought it was hilarious, she just raised her eyebrows.

Will they ever get me?

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James said...

No, it's tough. The trouble is they don't make kids like they did in our day!