Thursday, January 13, 2011

Work wanted? It's all a matter of perspective.

There is a fair chance that work will finish in the next couple of days.  Disappointing given I gave up a permanent stable job to go to a place where I was told there was guaranteed funding for at least the first 12 months by which time we would have built what we needed to build and be well and truly underway.

Pre-Christmas our December pay was more than a week late but we all went to our week break believing that guarantees had been made for at least the January payroll.  Sitting here now, that seems unlikely.  The owners and shareholders of the business are from Singapore and I may well name them depending on how the next few days turn out.   I could go into some of the reasons for the failure but let me just say that a few of us today were talking about presenting a person with a soap on a rope gift on the off chance that he ends up as a prisoner of Her Majesty.  But there is still a fair bit of water to go under the bridge yet.

And having written that I realise that is is a metaphor in poor taste as fellow countrymen continue to suffer in the floods in Queensland.  That puts things into proper context for me and I realise I don't really have too much to complain about.

And consider the tale of young Jordan Rice who when in the arms of a rescuer told that rescuer to take his younger brother first.  He and his mother were then swept to their deaths.

Then there was the courage shown by Ray Cole, the roo man, who waded into the floods to save a young joey that was struggling to stay afloat.

Ray Cole - Roo Man - Picture: Villiers Nick De Source: HWT Image Library
And then there were these blokes who waded into the waters to save a horse.

So do I really have anything to worry about.  The answer of course is an emphatic no!


JY said...

It's interesting to see your own "problems" when put in perspective to other people dealing with natural disasters and other things way beyond their control!

Lori said...

I am sorry to hear about the job turning out this way...but you are right, in the face of all this tragedy, our perspectives change and we realize that what is on our plates is nothing compared to what some are dealing with. These are some pretty amazing stories here. I am praying for all those affected by these floods and that all would be kept safe.

Janine Kimberley said...

Thinking of you Loz keeping everything crossed that things work out ok.

Deedee said...

This is just so devastating! I heard about young Jordan- what a hero! May God give comfort to his surviving family. It just brings tears to my eyes and pain to my heart. The roo man photo is also just heart wrenching. I hope every one will please, please contribute to aid organisations to help the people of Queensland. I promise I will.

Anonymous said...

It's awful about Jordan. Just awful. It has been the story of the floods that has upset me the most. What a noble young man.

It does put things in perspective, for sure. However, I still hope everything sorts itself out for you work-wise.