Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I feel like I've been whingeing a bit lately so I'm going to remind myself of some of the things I am grateful for.

1.  My partner, she has asked me not to call her "my lady" and one day I'll call her something else.  But I just want to say here that there are times when we have taken each other for granted and that we should make an effort to remind ourselves of why we are together.  Simple reason really, we love each other.

2.  My kids - I'm lucky to have each of them and to have them now accept the situation that they weren't happy about when I first left their mother.   I love it when they stay with us and love the fact that our new home will be big enough for them should they choose to live with us.

3.  Our furkids - three of them now that we are babysitting my daughters dog.  Unconditional love.

4.  My new job - because without it we would have to cancel our new build.  And yes, for those who have read the previous posts, I do have a new position and I commence next Monday.

5.  This great country in which I live.  Every day as I see the suffering around the world I give thanks that even the worst of things here is the best of things in other places.

So to all of you who visit and who I am also grateful for, please may I wish you all Happy Australia Day no matter where you are.


Linda and her Twaddle said...

Gratitude. Easy to forget to show it sometimes. I am grateful I live here. I love travelling all over the place but I love arriving home. This is a good country.

My good health. Very grateful for that.

My husband and son who love me pretty much unconditionally.

Once my father introduced my now stepmother as his "bedmate". So, you know, that is an option if "my lady" is not used. I cannot say it will be welcomed though.

JY said...

Yes it's easy to whine and complain and forget about the little things that make us happy.
Happy Australia day!

Rajesh said...

Loz, Congratulations on your new Job. I am so happy for you. All the best for a wonderful start :)

Lori said...

Congrats on the new job! I like your grateful list...sometimes it is easy to forget in the daily grind that we do indeed have much to be grateful for. Thanks for the reminder! Happy Australia Day!

meleah rebeccah said...

Aw, Loz! You certainly have a lot to be grateful for!

JTS said...

Nothing makes us feel better about life than counting our blessings and you have some great ones here! Surrounded by people and animals who love and care for you... a new job... and a wonderful country to call home. I knew things would start to turn around for you soon, and it sounds as if they have! You're right, never take any of it for granted, we are indeed blessed!

Marja said...

Good to see you have a new job and except for that my list would be simular. It is very healing I think to reflect from time to time on the good things in life

Janine Kimberley said...

And I am grateful that we have met the both of you, and that we will soon be living within walking distance. Things happen for a reason, call it fate if you like. So glad to hear you have found a new job. And yes, we have a lot to be thankful for!!

River said...

New job? Congratulations.
We do have a lot to be grateful for, inspite of floods and bushfires, this is generally a great country.

Reinsey said...

Have a great day today my gorgeous man. Hope you find the coffee mugs okay and that you've got someone to play with at lunchtime :)