Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Bleary Road Revisited - Weekend Rewind

Over at Life in a Pink Fibro there is a Saturday tradition building of weekend called Weekend Rewind where old blog posts are dusted off and re-read.

This week I have dusted off one I called A Bleary Road.    It was written at a time when I was reflecting much on my childhood and the things that impacted upon the person I grew to be.   One of the interesting things about re-visiting the old posts for me is the comments and in particular the number of people who commeted at the time who now no longer seem to be blogging.  Makes me realise that for many, blogging is something that happens for a reason and once that no longer exists we can move onto other things.

Now for an update on the week.   Check out Destination 3977 and you'll see that our block now has taps installed.  But we still don't have finance confirmed although we do have provisional approval, and we now have to get a Town Planning permit because of an old scoop drain that used to run through the block.   We should have the loan sorted out in the next few days and the permit sometime in the next few weeks. That means that the chance of started the buiild pre-Christmas is diminshing rapidly.

Work continues to be busy, not a bad thing, with lots of documents to be written and certifiaction audits to be planned.   We should have the lease on our building finalised soon and then construction of the data centre can continue.  Looks like I have a bit of an evolving sales role occuring as well which will be a relatively new experience for me.

We may have a buyer for our current house, at least there is someone interested in having a look.  I spent the day today cleaning spouting, karchering paving and staining the front deck.   If the rain holds off again tomorrow I'll get a second coat on.

And we put up the Christmas tree on Thursday night with the help of the 3 daughters and one of the sons.   Feels good to have it up this year after having Christmas come on us with way too much of a rush last year.

And that folks is a quick update of the week that was.  Visit Life in a Pink Fibro and check out some of the other rewind articles.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like getting all the paperwork together is more work than the actual building! Good luck with it all and thanks for visiting my blog earlier today.

Loz said...

It's been a long saga given we bought the block back in January. Thanks for dropping by.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Great blog rewind - your writing style has changed a little since then! I've been blogging for <12 months, but already quite a few blogs of about the same age no longer post regularly - might be something in your theory!!

Happy travels!!

L'Aussie said...

Hey Loz. Thanks for commenting on/following my blog. Yes, it is strange when you look back on old posts and see those people no longer comment. I did that recently and revisited every one. Not one person reconnected. Interesting.

I've also followed you and look forward to reading your posts. It seems we share many interests, particularly. I have a travel blog also, don't know if you know.:)