Sunday, November 28, 2010

What was he thinking????

Most people would know that men's toilets aren't the most hygenic of places.  Today whilst doing some shopping for the new house and printing off some of the photos you folks have chosen over the past couple of weeks, I decided that I needed a leak.

The gents is down at the end of a long corridor, past the parents room and the ladies, outside of which is a couch, on which a bloke was perched obviously waiting for his missus.   On the floor immediately outside the entrance to the mens was a kid about three years old.

"I'm gonna roll down to you Dad." he said, and proceeded to roll down the floor to the bloke sitting on the chair. 

Now inside the dunny on the floor beneath the urinals were puddles of piss.  There was no way anyone, who'd been in the toilet could miss getting his shoes wet, and in getting them wet, trailing wet footprints out and into the corridor where this kid was rolling towards his old man.  And what did the Dad say -
"Are you going to roll all the way down to me?"

Now even if he hadn't been in there and seen the state of the floor, what type of bloke would let his kid roll around on a floor anywhere near a water closet????


Andrew said...

Yuk, men are equipped with perfect aim equipment, yet they don't.

@jencull (jen) said...

Ewwwww, Dads don't really get that kind of thing, I bet the Mum threw a wobbler when she came out and saw what was going on!! Jen

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh yuk!

Honestly I feel so sorry for cleaners sometimes. The state of some public toilets is an absolute disgrace.

And why? Why do people treat them like that? After all, don't they feel disgusted themselves when they have to use them and previous users have left them in a disgusting state?

Womens toilets can be quite revolting too!

I like your post Laurie..

You called them...




The Mens

Water Closet

We sure have a lot of names for the good old toilet! I can't stand the word Dunny for it though. Don't know why but just can't.

On my property I have the original old building for the outside toilet. But I just can't call it a Dunny. lol. I call it the old outside toilet. *hehe* I don't even like Outhouse.


Marja said...

Yikes that aint nice Dad needs a lesson.

I off blogging for a while loz Too much going on, but I'll pass by when i've got time. Is the weather over there gorgeous as well. I think we get a hot summer

Loz said...

Folks - the only thing I can think of is that the Dad hadn't been into the dunny. But it was pretty ordinary

Loz said...

Take care Marja - we've just come out of 10 years of drought with our wettest spring in about 15 years and no one is complaining. It will get hotter over the next couple of months with Feb being the hottest

Loz said...

Jen - nothing wrong with the word dunny :)