Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's a long way from the Hills to a cow paddock

It occured to me that I haven't posted a lot this year about my personal life and what has unfolded do it's time I gave an update.

At the end of 2009 my lady and I were living [and still are] in a small three bedroom cottage on the side of the hill in Ferntree Gully.    Between us we have six kids, her a boy and a girl, me two boys and two girls, a regular Brady Bunch without the Alice - the three boys are the oldest and the girls the youngest and whilst I say kids they range in age from 17 up to 26.    At the time my lady's two were living full time with us and my youngest daughter stayed every second weekend.  My second son, having lost his job earlier in the year and having to vacate the place he was renting because he couldn't pay also needed somewhere to live.

So we sat down and discussed everything with the four who wanted to live with us and said that they were welcome to stay and save for their own place for as long as they liked but we needed to look at extending our place and put on at least a couple of more bedrooms. 

We started visiting display homes to get some ideas about what we could do or what we wanted to do and then made some enquiries with architects about the price of an extension and it turned out that it was going to be cheaper to build a new place from scratch than it was to extend where we are.

The decision then became about finding a block of land to build on and after exhaustive searching around the Gully and around the general vicinity of where we currently are, we came to the conclusion that land was either too expensive in this area or the terrain meant that the site costs were prohibitive.

So after returning from holiday in Narooma in January and after continuing the search for a suitable 5 bedroom home we ended up buying a block of land on a cow paddock in Cranbourne North.   That land was supposed to title in August but as I sit here now in early November we still do not own it but have been told that we will get the title by the end of this month.

We had originally decided to build the Marina 42, a five bedroom, two storey place, by Porter Davis, but in the next few months my lady's two kids moved out, my number two son moved in and we decided that it was stupid to pursue a five bedroom place when we didn't need it anymore.   The search continued and we have now settled on a house called the Monaco 36 by Carlisle.

And now we've gone from a cow paddock to a full blown housing estate with house popping up like mushrooms and with any luck we'll start building next month.

The full story is being told on my lady's blog Destination 3977.  Please drop by and let her know you came from here.


Maxabella said...

That's about as new a beginning as you could possibly get! Thanks for linking today, Loz, would love it if you would link back for me. I get very excited when a male joins the bunch!!

I'll stop by and visit your honey. x

Loz said...

Thank you for dropping by so quickly. Now if you'll explain what it means to link back I'll gladly do it :)

I have added you to my blogroll and started following your blog so I'll keep on visiting.

Nick Phillips said...

Wow, I envy you :D A nice new house on a land you own. The last place I bought was abandoned by the developers and never built and I'm still living in a rented place while the court battle goes on ...

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Thanks for stopping by Loz.

You are really on a big adventure together [Alice or no] and your kids are really fortunate that you are making this decision.

Best wishes for all that the following months hold for you,


Loz said...

Thank you Felicity - we figure even if it ends up just being the two of us that there will be plenty of room for Garandkids when they start to arrive

Loz said...

Hi Nick - we know that we are vey lucky to be able to afford it and to ahve the capacity to enjoy it

Betsy said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! Love your Brady Bunch story!

Hope you get your title and begin the construction soon! My hubs and I built our house 22 years ago. We thought it was so fun...hope you enjoy it, too!

MultipleMum said...

I hope life in the cow paddock continues to be as exciting as it has been in Ferntree Gully! Like you, I wish I had an 'Alice' - sure would make life a bit simpler :) Happy Grateful Saturday (now Sunday)

Loz said...

Hi Betsy and thanks for dropping by. This is the first build for me and the third for my lady

Loz said...

Hi MM - thanks for the visit and an Alice would be great

Zuzana said...

I enjoyed reading about your most recent history after learning about your childhood from your previous posts.;)
Lovely images,

River said...

I love theexcitement of watching a house go up and then moving in. I've done it twice, but now I'm renting. Can't afford to build another.

Reinsey said...

Thanks for the link to my blog Lozicle.
Have I told you how much I appreciate the sacrifice you're making for me? Our cow paddock IS a long way from the hills, but I promise I'll make sure you never regret it :)

Loz said...

I know you will MGW :)