Friday, October 22, 2010

Leaving Work

I had my final day at work today and looking forward to a week off before I start my new job.  We celebrated with lunch and it was great to see around 40 people turn up to wish me well.   This is a very different way to leave a work place compared to my last role from which I was sacked.

And I shed a few tears when later in the afternoon I was presented with my card and gift.  I'll miss you folks.  It's been a fun and challenging place to work.  Sure I haven't liked every day and didn't like every aspect, but I cannot complain about most of my colleagues.  We had a few laughs and a bit of fun along the way.

The organisation took a big punt on me two and a half years ago when they appointed me to a role I had little experience in and coming off a sacking I have to admit my self esteem wasn't all that great at the time.  So I had a steep learning curve and came to the conclusion that you don't necessarily have to have specific job related experience to be successful in a role.  You need to be able to communicate and to build relationships and I hope that is one of my strengths, learnt over many years and in many very different job spaces.

I got a bit emotional and I know that grown men don't cry...but I do sometimes.


Lori said...

How wonderful that they had a nice party for you to say goodbye and wish you well. Very nice. I happen to like grown men that cry every once in awhile. :) I like seeing the softer side of guys. Hope you have an enjoyable week off. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe it is over two years you had been in that post Laurie. Sad to be leaving in some respects but hopefully an exciting new job challenge is ahead. Something you will enjoy and do well at.

I agree with Lori... a man that shows emotion at times is a strong point. Shows humanity, integrity, and genuineness.

Good luck with the new job. Will you be working in Melbourne again?


Zuzana said...

I think it is always difficult when something is final, when it ends. It seems though that your end was done in style and you are leaving with a sense of having mattered. Happy new beginnings - and I believe that everyone cries.;) At one time or another.

Loz said...

Hi Ladies - it also shows I'm a bit of a sook at times :)
Seriously though - you can't spend time with a bunch of people you like then walk out and not know if you will ever see any of them again. Past experience tells me that there will be many of them that I will not see again.

Jen said...

Ahh yes... we may never see some people again. But the thing is they have touched our lives in some way. As hopefully we have done for them.

Reason, Season, Lifetime stuff.

Fleeting moments can change lives. All part of the journey.


I'm Sorry Flowers said...

It is always sad leaving a company you have been with for a long time. I always end up worrying that I have made the right decision! Hope the move went well and you are loving the new job!