Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Books - E-reader - Books -E-reader

Yeah I'm a hoarder.  Still got every book I ever owned but a lot of them haven't even come out of the boxes I packed them in on the last move.   Now with another move pending I have to decide whether I try and flog them, give them away or bring them with me.

My problem is I rearely go into a book shop without buying at least one and I have several hundred I've bought over the past couple of years that are still in pristine condition on the book shelf that will take me several years to get through at the rate I read these days.   The problem is no one writes a stand alone story any more, even trilogies are becoming old hat as multiple books are churned out by people who I really enjoy as authors.

I've looked at various e-readers and figure that a tablet computer is far more useful than a simple electronic book reader because of the versatility.  But you know what, I like the look and feel of a book, the picking up and turning of the pages as the story unfolds, an e-reader just isn't the same is it.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you about books Laurie..

I adore books and have hundreds.

When we were throwing things together to "possibly" have to save when the fires were near, I stood and thought what do I really want to save? And some of my first thoughts were special books. So to my favourite book shelf I went and took out some of my rare and special (to me) books.

At times I stand in front of my massive book shelf and just glance over the titles and smile at the memories. I enjoy the covers, the art work, the titles.

I know that some of them I may never read again and obviously cannot remember everything in them word for word but I know they gave (and still give) me joy and hold a special place.

I do have some very rare books and as they are on a subject that is very special to me they are of course very dear to me too.

I have never been one much for novels but of late I have been enjoying escaping into interesting stories. But still have probably at least one or two other non-fictions on the go as well.

Books.... Love them.... A computer just cannot give you the same feel.


Loz said...

I'm the same Jen. I keep them because one day I might read them again when I really know that there is always new stuff to pick up.

Janine K said...

My son & daughter in law are over in the States at the moment Laurie, and I have asked them to bring me back and Ipad, so I can use it as an e-reader along with other things!! I think there is room in the world for both, depending on how you need to use it - will let you know how I go - and you know I love reading as well!! Cheers