Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Letter to Tim McGraw

Dear Tim

I had the pleasure of attending your Melbourne concert last night and want to thank you in particular for one of the songs you sang but need to give some background first.

On Wednesday 1st September my 80 year old Mum got rushed to hospital having put up with a lot of pain over the previous month after a fall at home. X-rays revealed that she had fractured her spine but additionally she began to complain about pains in her abdomen and subsequent CT and MRI scans were conducted. On Sunday 5th September we got a call from the doctors telling us that she had terminal cancer and the first thing that crossed my mind were the words of your song – live like you were dying.

Mum was told she had months to live but over the next few days it became apparent that the cancer was very aggressive and we began to prepare for her passing – she didn’t skydive, mountain climb or ride a bull – but she did have the time to say goodbye to my sisters and I, our partners and her 11 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. It was an incredibly sad but uplifting time with nothing left unsaid.

On Thursday 7th September the ghosts began to gather and she told us of people who were standing around the bed and of long lost pets who were visiting. Might sound strange but she was totally lucid and knew that she could see them but we couldn’t. She lost consciousness that night and passed away at 1:15 am on September 11 giving my family another reason to remember that day.

So last night when you started to sing that song, the tears began to roll down my cheeks and whilst you didn’t know it, that song was for my Mum and so I am writing to thank you because for those of us who are lucky enough to find that we do have time to say goodbye the sentiments expressed in the song are important ones.

Many thanks

For those who would like to listen here is the video - Live Like You Were Dying


jaykkay said...

So sorry to read about your mum's passing Laurie, I lost my mum 5 years ago next week, and being an only child myself, can understand how hard this time must be for you. It makes you realise how precious life is, and how we should not procrastinate about things and people in life.
Even though we have only just met, my thoughts are with you at this time, and I am sure your friends and loved ones are supporting you. Take care Laurie, till we meet again.

Loz said...

Thanks Janine - I really do appreciate the condolences I have received from everyone - it helps to know that people really do care