Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grief and the remembering

I guess there are times when I wish that grief was something that didn't touch me - but it does.  In unexpected places, at unexpected times, I sometimes find myself thinking I should call Mum and see how she is, I look at some of my families profile pics on Facebook and see them with Mum staring back at me.  Stangely though I feel as if I am coping much better this time than I did when Dad died in 2004.  Maybe that's because we did have the chance to say goodbye and maybe because having lost one parent, you realise that time does heal the pain of the loss.

My sisters and I have spoken about writing down some of our memories and any followers of this blog will know that much of the suject matter for me has been about growing up.  But the need now is to ensure that the things we saw as normal 50 years ago for us as a family are recorded for those who come after who may be interested.  The other reason is that our perceptions of events and what we remember is totally different so being lucky enough to have two sisters gives me the chance to tap into things that they recall and fill in some of my own gaps.

So I'm going to set them a challenge by having them pick a photograph and write about it to see where it leads.  And I'll share what they say on here so the record is in the one spot.


Anonymous said...

That is a great idea Laurie.

You are very lucky to have a closeness with your sisters. And also the connectedness there was at your mother's death.

I have been reflecting a lot on much you have written.

Glad you got to see Tim McGraw and really how wonderful it was in this last week. I think it appropriate. He is a wonderful man and along with his beautiful wife I have seen them interviewed and they truly are inspirational and dedicated to family and all that it entails. Also they are truly giving people in much that they do.

I struggle with feelings towards my own parents because I relate so much from what you have written over the years with many things, but still have never had a link like you have with your sisters and mother.

Family 'stuff' can be just so damn hard, but ultimately that link keeps everyone together somehow.

Don't know exactly what I am trying to say really, but just know (as I'm sure you do) how much your postings have meant to many for a very long time.

Take care.

Jen x

Anonymous said...

Oh and Laurie, I can't log-in any more. I think others might be having similar problems.


Jodi O said...

Hey...long time no read! How goes it? Getting back to reading the blogs that had a true inspiration....Nice to see you are still here! Love the post, reflective...