Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fallen in a Heap

Karen, Deb and I spent yesterday going through Mum's stuff.  Taking years of photographs off walls distributing her treasures according to the list she'd given the girls in the days before she died as well as another we found in a prominent spot.   There were boxes of photos , some of which I'd never seen before, every broken watch that Dad had ever owned, bank statements and receipts for car repairs going back years.  Importantly for me as the family historian were the references for both Dad and Mum from places of work dating back to the 1940's, a newspaper clipping showing Mum at Nagambie as a Regatta Girl.  Not sure if that was the year she won Miss Nagambie or one of the other years.   And yes, I found the receipt for her wedding reception at the Federal Hotel in Collins Street in 1953.

The dust got to me - not that Mum wasn't clean just that stuff that hadn't been moved in years was covered with layers of it and before long I was suffering badly from hay fever.  It's worse today, nose running, cough and fever.  More about the stress of the past few weeks coming out in illness rather than something I picked up elsewhere.

We're going to a Tim McGraw concert tonight and I truly don't feel like it but the distraction will be a good thing I think.   Besides I have to go back to work tomorrow anyway and without a backup now, given my offsider was made redundant a few months ago, I know that there won't have been anything done im my area for the past few weeks.  

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