Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Grandfather Name

My youngest daughter recently asked me what I would like the fuure Grandchildren to call me and I would like to point out here that at 16 I hope she won't be presenting me with any anytime soon.

My Dad's Dad was Pa, my Mum's Dad was Grandad and my Dad was Grandad, so I thought I would go for something different.  I will be Obi Wan much to the disgust of my daughters who have revoked the right for me to name myself.


Anonymous said...

Pa Loz - Paloz?


Anonymous said...

I could be known as "She Who Farts Around The Internet For Hours" ... In my family, we've had grandparent names like Gaga, Gunny, Poppy, GBad, Katari and Bobo ... and all these names came from the grandchildren :-)