Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Like many people who saw the article I was deeply moved by this photo of chimpanzees gathered at a fence and watching as one of their own who had died was being taken away.

I have never been one who was so human centric that I did not believes that animals can feel emotion.   Anyone who has grown up with dogs or cats in their house will know that they do feel sadness and can mpoe when people they expect to be around are not there.  If you have had two dogs at one time and one of those passes away it is easy to understand that animals too can grieve.

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Guest said...

Interesting I am just catching up on your blog Laurie... and just tonight my daughter said what is wrong with Bob (one of our cats)... he is being so weird... plonking down all over the floor stretching out so we have to walk all round or over him. ... jumping up on the table and stretching out in the weirdest of ways.... generally being annoying and making sure we can see him.

We figured it's because my eldest son is in hospital.. has been for two weeks... and he is obviously missing the one who usually feeds the cats.

Animals of course have emotions. A friend who lived on a property farming cattle said that when the calves are taken from the mothers how the mothers mourn.

No wonder in the most part how the animal kingdom hardly befriend humans.