Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Snags Ain't Snags

Snags or bangers, sometimes better known as sausages, never tasted better than when they were cooked on my Dad's old brick BBQ in the backyard at home when I was growing up.  Last night we had "Heart Smart" sausages which is a contradiction in terms really - no added salt, fat free, no preservatives.  Might as well have eaten cardboard really.


Dorothy Stahlnecker said...

Isn't that the truth sometimes the dam processes are disgusting...I love real butter and real whip cream and cream soups etc etc and I don't mind being who I am...as a result of good tasting food..

Hugs to you...

Dorothy from grammology

suzen said...

Amazingly bad food - that stuff they try to make "healthy". While I've adjusted my diet somewhat over the years, nothing beats the REAL thing - in moderation of course!