Monday, September 28, 2009

Emails and Privacy

A person close to me asked me to look at a chain of emails the other day because they were feuding with another member of their extended family.  I said that I would not look at them because it wasn't fair to show someone what was essentially private correspondence between two people. 

I would have felt an utter hypocrit if I had read it because I've complained on this blog that emails I wrote to people containing intensely private thoughts had been passed onto others without my permission.   The problem is that the person receiving it cannot possibly know the full context of what has been said and the person who wrote the email has no chance to respond or to defend themselves.   I've had people tell me that I will never be forgiven but that they don't wish to tell me what they won't forgive.  I am pretty sure that some of that attitude came from misuse of emails I had written.

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A Geek Girl said...

There's definitely something weird about sharing private emails. I think most people would re-write an angry email if they held it for 24 hours before hitting send. Sometimes you just say things in the heat of the moment. Easy enough to explain that to the person you sent it to, but not so easy to be forgiven by the 50 close friends and associates they shared it with.