Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogs and change - The theme meme

I have tended lately to blog only when I have found the time to do so rather than make the time like I once did.  There are a few reasons for that, a busy job, a more settled life, and sometimes maybe a lack of inspiration.   I think all bloggers face that at times.   I once had delusions of being a writer and blogging was a vindication of that, there were plenty of visitors, a lot of comments and Technorati links of more than 100.

But it was hard work getting there, lots of memes done, linking to lots of people, some of whom I never read, commenting on as many blogs as possible in the hope that they would visit mine etc.  And the nature of my posts keeps changing - at one stage I was trying to maintain three separate blogs but since blogger allowed the feature of merging them into one, I did that.

Lack of time has also meant that I haven't found as much time to visit those of you who I consider to be my blogging friends so first and formost I apologise for that.  I do still try and return the favour of commenting back on people's blogs who show me the courtesy of doing the same and I try and visit those who follow me.   But instead of daily, that tends to be something of a weekly event.

If I was to line up every post on this blog and try and put them into a category I would say that the majority may fall into the reflective category, followed by current events in my life, things that have moved and or angered me, and a bit of whimsy thrown in now and then.   I once thought that there was a theme but I do tend to wander a bit more widely now in my thoguhts than I once did.  I think that I've let go of some of the loneliness and anger that categorised a lot of the early stuff but what I'm moving onto I will only know when I get there.

So if there is a meme to this post then let it be this.   Tell me what the theme of your blog is and how it has changed over time.  I tag all those who follow me, all those I follow and anyone else who is on my blogroll or who cares to comment.


Val, said...

My blog started out to be funny.....poking fun at myself in my senior years. Now I have moments of dragging my soapbox out and letting my opinions out about a variety of things. Sometimes I miss my old blog and make an attempt of bringing it back to a more light-hearted status....but a lot has happened in my life the past year or so and I don't always feel like making a joke. My readers seem to like me both I'm glad to have them and you. Take care.

Gypsy said...

Boy this is a tough question as I really started to think about it. Originally my blog was about working through what I suppose was a mini mid life crisis. The crisis is still in progress but due to getting burned a number of times from the fallout of revealing too much I am now a lot more private than I used to be. I guess I mostly talk about things that are happening in my daily life within reason and occasionally about things that have happened in the past and have helped make me who I am.

One thing I do a lot is make fun of myself but not in a derogatory way. I just thimk it's healthy to be able to laugh at one's self. said...

My blog used to be a space to rant about my daily life in University. It was overly-dramatic and somehow makes my life like a soap opera. Now, I am very senstive about what I write as I know my family and friends will read it. Now, I focus on something more positive and uplifting!

Peter (Worldman) said...

You make statements and reflexions, I guess, many of us do. At the beginning I posted almost daily. Because it was something new. But with time, I run out of inspirations and I made some posts that were not interesting. And then I discovered that it does not matter how often you post to "attract customers". Your "people" will come back to read you. I also, since the beginning did not worry about a specail theme or topic. I just write about anything. And so, bit by bit, I changed from a "forced" to a "casual" blogger. And that is why is still enjoy blogging.

pam ( said...

Hi Loz: Interesting post. I apologize for not getting over here more often, but like you, life gets too busy sometimes to keep up with everyone. I always enjoy reading your thoughts from the other side of the world. In answer to your question about the evolution of the blog ... hmmmm. Well, I started my blog thinking that it would be fun to talk about some of the crazy things that go on at my office. Then I thought, if I want to keep my job, maybe I better NOT. My blog has turned into an on-line diary of sorts for me. Not quite Bridget Jones, but sort of a record of what has gone on recently in my life. I used to always keep a journal/diary years ago, so I guess this is the modern equivalent. Then I was thinking that if something ever happened to me, my daughter and her kids (if she ever has any) would always have something of me -- a glimpse of my personality and humor, at least. For this reason, I've never gone and gotten my own website name. Hopefully, blogspots never go away!