Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sam the Koala Dies

Back in February during our disastrous bushfires the world was touched by the story of Sam the Koala and a volunteer firefighter by the name of David Tree.

For those who haven't seen it or who don't know the story check this out -

After surviving her burns in a wildlife shelter for the past few months Sam was operated on today for the condition called  urogenital chlamydiosis, a life-threatening disease that affects 50 per cent of the koala population.   Unfortunately she died on the operating table.

For those who didn't hear it at the time I heard David Tree interviewed on the Neil Mitchell program on radio station 3AW here in Melbourne not long after the incident happened, and I was hoping they would post it on their website.   For those who are interested in hearing the story you can listen to the audio here.

This was a story that touched all our hearts and it is sad that despite all she went through she was not able to be returned to the wild.


KayDee said...

I am really sad to hear that. I knew Sam was being operated on today but didn't hear that she had died. She fought so hard to recover from the bushfires, I just felt so sure she would survive this though I was aware that it was a very serious condition and operation. Thanks for the update Loz.

Mum-me said...

This is really sad. Not just the fact that Sam the Koala didn't make it, but also that this disease is affecting the koala population so badly.

Kaori said...

wow thank you for sharing this post... I had no idea. :(