Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Old Work Revelations

A busy few weeks with not a lot of time nor inclination to write.  I'm Acting General Manager of a basketball organisation at the moment and will hold the position for another few weeks when the new GM will begin.  I'm doing it as a volunteer and it is not an onerous task but still involves a couple of hours work most nights.  To be frank I have realised that I don't get as much satisfaction out of volunteering as I used to. In fact, if I'm honest, I would say that it is really a bit of an imposition.

I have been given an extended offer of employment at my current workplace and I am talking to my boss about the detail in the role first thing tomorrow morning.  At the moment the pay remains as it has been the past year but I can't complain given the current job environment, plus the fact that I recently got a 10% bonus for my work last year.  The position description I have been given was not exactly what I have been doing, some things were left out, others are included that I am not currently responsible for, so the meeting tomorrow will clarify that for me.

A former boss has been in contact with me and a few of the issues I had with him have been discussed.  Not to the point where there has been any great resolution or closure but I certainly was able to get some things off my chest and got an apology of sorts from him.  I certainly got an agreement that I was only the first of several who were shafted, including himself.

I will try and post more in coming days.


Beth said...

good to hear from you again Loz. I understand the feeling of getting things off your chest-it does me wonders as well...

Peter said...

Hi Laurie, I have not been much around these days with the emergency situation we have here in Sri Lanka. I will try my best to be around more.

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