Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lost Job and swine flu

My youngest son messaged me today telling me he has lost his job. He rang his boss to find out where he was supposed to be working tomorrow and was told that there isn't enough work and that he is therefore sacked. No real explanation why it's him and not someone else although I think he has had a bit of time off lately with a virus and also having just been diagnosed with a hernia. He works as a scaffolder so maybe that is the real reason.

I told him that I will help in whatever way I can but truth is I feel pretty helpless. I have no work to give him. My lady has said that we will help financially [he has a car loan] but I haven't told him that yet. It's more important that he gets motivated to start looking for work immediately.

Lot's of people have been crook at work in the past few weeks, but although Melbourne is apparently the swine flu capital of the world only one person I know of has had that illness. There is the odd person seen walking through the city with a face mask on but for the most part people are just getting on with things.

I am still waiting to finalise my new contract only because the HR Manager has not had the time to deal with it. I will admit a little anxiety over not having it in place yet, but that's based on what happened to me last year, not because I think my position is in jeopardy.

I've had a few interesting exchanges of emails with a former employer and a few more facts about my sacking have fallen into place including the fact that there were three Board members wh pushed for my removal and not one of them ever said that they had any issues with my work performance. I was also told that some of the false information that they were telling people after I was sacked was a deliberate attempt to discredit me and they have come very close to finding themselves with a defamation case. I'll dig a bit more over the next few weeks simply because I beleive I am owed the truth.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Old Work Revelations

A busy few weeks with not a lot of time nor inclination to write.  I'm Acting General Manager of a basketball organisation at the moment and will hold the position for another few weeks when the new GM will begin.  I'm doing it as a volunteer and it is not an onerous task but still involves a couple of hours work most nights.  To be frank I have realised that I don't get as much satisfaction out of volunteering as I used to. In fact, if I'm honest, I would say that it is really a bit of an imposition.

I have been given an extended offer of employment at my current workplace and I am talking to my boss about the detail in the role first thing tomorrow morning.  At the moment the pay remains as it has been the past year but I can't complain given the current job environment, plus the fact that I recently got a 10% bonus for my work last year.  The position description I have been given was not exactly what I have been doing, some things were left out, others are included that I am not currently responsible for, so the meeting tomorrow will clarify that for me.

A former boss has been in contact with me and a few of the issues I had with him have been discussed.  Not to the point where there has been any great resolution or closure but I certainly was able to get some things off my chest and got an apology of sorts from him.  I certainly got an agreement that I was only the first of several who were shafted, including himself.

I will try and post more in coming days.