Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maybe the best years of our life are in the here and now.

I was a lucky person to have four grandparents until I was nearly 17 years old, not too many kids can say that. My sons were five and four years old and my oldest daughter only six weeks when their mother’s father died suddenly aged only 56. My youngest daughter knew only three of hers.

If I could instantaneously travel 51 light years from earth and gaze at those light captured memories of me to a place where I could catch up with my birth. And if I then began to travel back through those light shows and gaze as my life passed me by I wonder if those first 16 odd years of my life would pass by more quickly than they seem to have done in my memories. Because it is an odd quirk that time accelerates as we age, a year as a five year old or 20% of a lifetime then is equivalent in percentage terms to 20 years as a 50 year old. No wonder Christmas and birthdays come around so quickly these days.

And in that travel we could meet again those we cared about and maybe this time thank them for what they did for us. Maybe with the wisdom of age we would better recognize some of those seminal moments that lead our feet, and maybe our fate, in a particular direction. We couldn’t change it but maybe in the retelling we could understand a little better why we are who we are. Perhaps that understanding could see us change our direction again.

But I somehow think that the path of life is probably best taken when the direction ahead is shrouded in fog or maybe obscured just over the brow of the next hill, where the horizon is just a little beyond our sight and the knowledge of what lies beyond remains something we can anticipate with excitement and look forward to the passion which may come from around the next bend. And let it be with eager feet that we face whatever the future may bring and let tomorrow be the gift that constantly delights us.


Rolling said...

cdnt read anything, as I cannot see the writing at all. please change the black colour of your page to soemthing lighter, Loz? thanks....from the frst line that shows when it is still grey and bef the black gets hold of the page, seems an interesting post about grandparents?

Dorothy Stahlnecker said...

So true about going back grandparents are such a gift and when we loose a loved one we never should forget and continue to hope we will reunite some day.

Dorothy from grammology

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suzen said...

Reflectively beautiful post! And you are sure right about time going faster as we get older. Summer's seemed an eternity as a child - now they fly by!

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Brigit said...

I think the future unfolds just the way it should. I've been searching for direction, by wanting clarity about my future. The clarity lies here, now. I have to live it, not look for it.

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