Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The week that was

I've been quiet because my internet access at home has been intermittent at best so sorry I haven't had the chance to do a lot of reading, commenting or visiting any of my favourites for a while.   And I'm off to another meeting tonight so the first real chance to catch up may well be Thursday.

For all that a fair bit has happened.  I went to the AGM of my ex-employer last week having told them that the nominations to the Board were unconstitutional they eventually did the right thing and called for nominations from the floor.  I had been asked to run, but the reality is that things are still raw and I couldn't be sure that I was just running out of revenge or passion, so I declined.  Maybe next year, with a ticket that will enable me to work with a Board I can trust unlike the current one.

Interestingly the person who I thought had instigated my sacking and who has since also left after finding himself on the outer, decided he wanted to talk to me and told me that it was another Board member who was the driving force behind my removal and in fact his own, as well as two other long serving staff members since I left.  His advice to me was not to trust that person.   Easily done, because I don't trust any of them.

Daughter 2 was back from her school trip and spent the weekend with us.  She and I went to the footy on Saturday night and disappointingly watched our team lose.  Unfortunately son number 2 decided not to come and I had been looking forward to catching up with him.

I have a bit of a moral dilemma - I have been told that the boyfriend of someone I know is dealing drugs and it doesn't seem to be a secret.  If it was the boyfriend of one of my daughters then I would hope that a friend who found out would tell me - so I feel I must tell this persons mother.   She may already know, but I can't imagine her being happy about it if it was true and of course if it's not true then in discussing it with her I hope I can then go back and clear up some misconceptions with the people who told me.

Advice gratefully accepted.

And I hope I'm back more regularly in the next few days.


Andrew said...

Loz, if you know the mother and the type of person she is, that might be the way to go. But perhaps a anon tip off to your former employer might be better.

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Just a Girl said...

One thing I've noticed about you in times past, Loz, is that you have a big heart and good intentions. I think that you have the right idea in bringing this information to the attention of the mother.

Sorry for my absence at Blogger, btw. I had been pretty obsessed with YouTube for a while there, but now I am back to reading and writing blogs again. I've missed reading your posts!

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Jen said...

Well on previous postings of yours I know you think gossip is an evil. So therefore if you are sure the facts are true I would pass the information on.

But... it appears you could have some doubt here. Be sure. If the person who passed the information onto you could be doubtful, tread warily.

We all know what untruths can create. They can become a monster.

Peter (Worldman) said...

If you are convinced about the fact, you should tell the mother. But it should be more than just gossip.

I risk to be off for a while too. They have taken me out of my retirement and are sending me to Sri Lanka for three month. And I will be in the "bush". So....

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Stephanie said...

I think you're on the right track w/talking to that person's mother, Loz. I would do the same thing. I seriously doubt she already knows.

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suzen said...

So hard on the professional level playing Who Do You Trust! I'm with you, trust none of them. As for the moral issue - I'd be sure of the facts first off, and then wear a protective shield - most moms hearing stuff like that about their kids could launch any number of things (including harsh words) in their emotional denial. Perhaps an anon. tip to her? Good luck with that - let us know how it goes. Meantime, I'm glad you are back - you have been missed for sure!

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