Monday, April 20, 2009

People who wear baseball caps backwards shouldn't open their mouths

Went out for my usual lunch time walk today and as I was stopped at a red light a small black convertible driven by an attractive young lady pulled up at the intersection waiting for pedestrians to clear the road so she could proceed with a left hand turn.   A young bloke in the passenger seat decided that even though the pedestrians were crossing on a green light they should be moving more quickly so he decided to abuse a couple of them.  This turkey sitting there in a singlet, sunglasses on and wearing his baseball cap backwards proved that if you don't know how to wear a hat properly you shouldn't open your mouth or you'll just confirm to everyone that you truly are a tool.  It could have been worse i guess, he could have been wearing it sideways.


Peter (Worldman) said...

My smile of the day :-)

But a few years ago, when my son was in his 15 and started to wear his cap with the bill towards the back and I said "Wear your cap properly", he looked at me as if I came from outer space. Well, at least he never wore it sideways. And today his wearing a pilots cap. Which he does not like. But his airline forces him to wear it. The right way.

Kari @ How I Became a Fiscal Fussbudget said...

Ha Peter the irony of having to wear his cap properly huh? That made me chuckle.

That's too bad Loz that he treated someone that way.

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Andrew said...

I saw a lad recently with a cap on sideways. I thought, how old fashioned.

suzen said...

There is just no limit to the rudeness is there? Wonder if his pants were barely hanging on - I see guys with at least 4-5" of their underwear showing with the jeans or whatever barely hanging on - as fashion statements go, I find that the most disgusting.

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Rachel said...

Hi Loz,
I'm still the same old Rachel, just moved the blog.
The rudeness in the world today astounds me. People will flip the bird, yell obscenities, and generally make asses of themselves over any minor thing.
So sad.

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Just a Girl said...

Someone almost ran over my 16-year-old sister at a school crosswalk a couple months back. I don't understand why people have to be rude about pedestrians.

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