Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why is October the Tenth Month?

You would think that it might actually be the eighth month if we were to follow English convention.  No wonder kids get things mixed up.  And in pondering this I thought I'd try to find out the answer by doing a bit of research.  And what I found out was that I have very little original thought.

Over on a blog called Betsy's Deep Creek Lake Blog she writes an identical post and in the first paragraph says -
Why is October the tenth month when it begins with "Oct"? Should be eight right? Well, I decided to do a little research...

And she does answer the question which you can see when you visit the link.  But rather than rely totally upon plagiarism I thought I'd at least try and do some research myself and in doing that found out that the Gregorian calendar has actually changed a bit over time.

Originally there were ten months and Wikianswers tells us they were -

1. March
2. April
3. May
4. June
These first four were named after various gods. The next six were were named for numbers from the roman counting system.
5. Quintilius (5th)
6. Sextilius (6th)
7. September
8. October
9. November
10. December

After various revisions, another two months were added at the beginning of the year: Januarius and Februarius. Also, Quintilius and Sextilius were renamed Julius (July) and Augustis (August) after the famous Roman leaders.

Now back to Betsy - she wrote her post on 22nd October 2008.  Over on From the Front a post with the same name was posted on 16th October 2008.  And despite a reasonably intensive search by Google I can't find any other links to blogs that ask the same question.  So I guess I'll have to settle for being the third to raise it and leave it at that.

Maybe I should have done that post on Do Fish Cry instead?


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