Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weird Fish Stories

I know I'm a bit of a sucker for weird animals but I wonder how many of you think this one is cute - I can see a pixar movie coming.    Macropinna microstoma also called the barreleye was first described in 1939 but researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute recently photographed one.

And also in the news last week is the banning of Dr Fish pedicures in some American states.  This is a recent fad in Asia where you allow fish to eat the dead skin off your feet.   One of the health issues is that there is no way of cleaning the water between patients.  So tinea and other fungal diseases like athlete's foot may be passed on from one person to another.


Peter (Worldman) said...

Actually, I think this fish is cute. As for the fish pedicure, I would not like this at all. What (could be an idea for a horror movie) if the fish turn into sharks or piranhas?

Hope said...

Dorothy Stahlnecker said...

OMG this is disgusting and I'm glad they're beginning to stop the procedure.

Dorothy from grammology

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Loz said...

I don't get how they can keep the process sanitary Peter, you can hardly have the fish swimming around in disinfectant

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Loz said...

Agreed Hope

Recent blog post: The Nature of Friendship

Loz said...

Hi Dorothy - My understanding is it started in Asia and has spread to your country. I don't know of any in Oz yet

Recent blog post: The Nature of Friendship