Friday, March 20, 2009

Vitalogy - Foreword

As promised here is the first venture into the wonderful world of Vitalogy and what better place to start than the foreword -

The knowledge her imparted and explicit and effectual instructions given for its application to the preservation and restoration of health, in all stages and conditions of life, are worht more to a family or individual than all the strong drugs in existence, leaving out of consideration the fact that it will enable its readers to dispense in a great measure with the costly services and the nauseous drugs of the apothecary.

Particular attention is directed to the "Food and Home Remedies"" in the departments on diseases, which have of late years been so extensively employed in Europe and Japan, and which have never before been given in any American publication.  There are also given the various remedies of like character of our own country, which have recently come into use, and which have demonstrated their success in the cure of physical ailments.  These remedies will be found as easy of access as they are nexpensive and safe, reliable and effectual; and they free from the dangers attending the use of poisonous or deleterious drugs, which while removing one disease too frquently pave the way for some more dangerous malady, or undermine the constitution.

The merits of this book are not obscured by any effort to mystify its contents with high souding phrases.  Everything will be found in plain, pointed and easily apprehended language, and condensed so as to convey its lessons in the most direct and leat ambiguous terms.  It makes no demand for professional learning or hard study.  The rationale of treatment in all cases is given in such a simple and thorough manner that the commonest apprehension will be able to utilise the remedies intelligently and successfully, and the average reader can avail himself to its aid readily and as effectually as the most accomplished scholar.

And so my dear average readers whose wit, wisdom and advice I have greatly appreciated during my blogging life, I am going to give you the opportunity to tell me what particular afflictions you may wish to hear about.  There are all sorts of things described herein including such things as vomiting, boils and carbuncles, tuberculosis, apparent death from starvation, freezing, syphilis, worms, scurvy, hysterics, nettle rash, dandruff and many, many more.      We can answer questions concerning the wonders of liquid air and the dangers in tonics and appetisers.   I can only wonder at the article titled "Vigorous Manhood"and "How to make domestic happiness complete".

Comment and let me know which of these or anything else you would like me to consult with the book about and I will publish it.

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