Thursday, March 26, 2009

I don't get....banning frisbees.

I hate political correctness, or at least the way the world now dictates we need to react to certain situation.  In the Sunday Herald Sun this week we read about two primary schools in Melbourne who have banned the use of frisbees in the playground in case some kid gets hit in the head.

A Melbourne University stud has found that in other schools the following things have also been banned -
  • piggybacks 
  • tree climbing, 
  • tackling in football matches, 
  • running, 
  • trading cards or toys 
  • cling wrap in lunch boxes
  • Wooden cricket bats, 
  • marbles, 
  • charity bracelets and 
  • bringing GI Joe dolls to show and tell 
Is it just me or are we tying to take the kid out of kids these days.   Falling over and grazing your knee, or bruising an arm, and coping with a blood nose were all part of growing up when I was being raised, and what's wrong with that?  We played chasey, humpo bumpo and British bulldog every lunchtime, when we weren't kicking a football or playing basketball.  Sure we got hurt occasionally, ripped the knee out of our trousers and got blood on shirts, but we learnt all sorts of lessons that have stood us in great stead as we journeyed from childhood.  Things like how good it felt to win, and how it wasn't bad to lose if you had tried hard.   We learnt that most of the time, pain doesn't last, that we were good at some things and other kids good at other things.  We learnt team work, and competition and the value of striving, of trying to be the best you can be.

My lady just told me that when her daughter was at kinder they banned kids from playing the Lion King because one of them fell off Pride Rock and her mother complained.  Can you believe that?

Now what are we doing?  What the hell are kids supposed to be learning these days?  School is only partly about class room learning, it is more importantly about school yard learning, about socialising and learning how to win and lose, how to compete and strive.  It seems to me that we are forgetting that these days.  And why is it that most people agree with what I'm saying but we still allow these absurdities to happen?

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