Tuesday, March 3, 2009

$27 million to stop cows farting

Apparently livestock are the third largest producers of carbon emissions in this country so in order to meet the climate change targets set by the government, they have decided to spend $27m to prevent the expulsion of methane from the bowels of cows and sheep into the atmosphere.

Now there are probably more ruminants in this country than people and I have a solution.  Instead of trying to prevent the production of the gas by tampering with their feed or altering their DNA, how about we harvest it by sticking a hose up their rear ends, collecting the gas in tanks and using it to provide electricity to the urban areas.

Image from Gizmodo


Lindasphere said...

Be vegetarian. Better still, go vegan. Although, being vegan has it's own gassy problems. And I don't fancy a hose up my rectum even if it could mean running a household with the output!

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Andrew said...

Nice art work, except it is cows burping that expels most of the methane.

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josie2shoes said...

I never cease to be amazed at the things goverments can spend (waste)money on. Where do they come up with this stuff??

suZen said...

When they figure out the conversions to either fuel cars or my house, I'll order two hoses - one for hubs, one for the dog. Hey can't the cows take Beano?

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Dorothy Stahlnecker said...

Loz, this made me laugh so hard I almost cried..I thought it was just our government that pulled that crape....no pun intended...

Thanks for sharing...this was sad but great....

Dorothy from grammology

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Walker said...

HA HA HA!!!!!!!
Why not but if they ever went to a chili cookoff they would put the cows to shame.

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Peter (Worldman) said...

You are raising an important issue. And we, the people in this world, have failed again. If we had eaten all the cows in this world, we would not have this problem. And why should we keep cows anyway, now that we can buy the milk in Tretrapaks. :-)

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