Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wonderful Life and the Eye of God

There are times when I gaze at the skies at night and I have this overwhelming sense of insignificance. Who am I to presume my existence is important? What possible difference can I make in the universe? Is there any purpose to existence?  As we gaze outward and further back in time can we see the Eye of God?

And then I remember that we once were microbes and before that dust born deep in the heart of stars and that in this coalescence of molecules this wondrous thing of self awareness occurred. We think therefore we are. And if the purpose is simply the desire and drive to perpetuate our genes so that over time they continue to split and change and re-combine then who knows where it will end and what truly lies at the end of the journey.

And that is both our blessing and our curse. Our very substance is anchored in the distant past to that creation point and I don’t really care whether your catalyst is God or simply the Big Bang. It is what gives us constancy and means that on a molecular level we are immortal. On a genetic level each and every one of us shares a common ancestor that if we could go back far enough would take us back to the very beginnings of life on earth. We breath the same air now that those ancestors breathed, we drink the same water, we share the same molecules, and through those we are connected to everyone who has ever lived. That air has touched the minds of Jesus, of Newton and Copernicus, of Plato and Socrates, its cringed in the lungs of Hitler and Pol Pot, it has stood guard over billions of births and fled from the lungs of as many of the dying.  It has filled the sails of Eric the Red, Columbus, Magellan, Drake and Cook, lifted the the wings of eagles and fed the flames of fires that warmed our caves.

Are we lucky to be alive or what!


Mum-me said...

Very powerful & evocative language you've used.

However, if you do believe in a Creator God, then you can presume that your existence is important and it does have a unique purpose.

Yes, we are lucky and blessed to be alive!

skipper said...

yes we are. Somedays it is really hard to remember that, but yes we are...

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Beautifully articulated. Putting the rational and the spiritual together. I feel grateful and lucky to be on this earth.

Loz said...

I sometimes do wonder what purpose we serve.

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Loz said...

Beth - I envy people who have faith so strong that they don't need reminding

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Loz said...

Thank you Linda

Recent blog post: Choose being kind over being right