Thursday, February 19, 2009

A tale of three women - Harding, Wade & Lewis

Here's a round up of some of the people making hits on google trends today.

In the news today is Tonya Harding who came to infamy a number of years ago in the field of figure skating when she assaulted rival Nancy Kerrigan.   Harding who has recently released a book about her life is yet another celebrity celebrated for all the wrong reasons.  What is sad is that she has found it necessary to begin a career as a celebrity boxer and is now reduced to selling autographs for $10 a pop.

Mark Silva from The Tribune's Washington Bureau reported that Harding appeared on  HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, and stated that she "owes President Barack Obama a certain debt for his campaign-trail remark that he wasn't about to "do a Tonya Harding'' on his primary opponents. She maintains it helped her find work, paid appearances - "because people forget who Tonya Harding is.''

Why doesn't someone make a study of everyone who turn out to be good people despite coming from broken and abusive homes, instead of telling us about the failures.

Still she must inspire some people because if you vist her website you'll find a section with over 1400 fantasy stories written by people featuring her.

Another sports related lady in the news is Siohvaughn Wade the estranged wife of Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade who had accused her husband of passing on an STD to her.  Siovaughn has since dropped her claim but it makes me wonder if Dwayne didn't give it to her, how the hell did she get it?    Now AP report that Dwayne is suing her for defamation.  

My comment here is that Dwayne is only asking for $50,000 damages which seems small bickies compared to the millions he earns both for playing and endorsements.

I have to say I have never heard of polyamory and I suspect most of you readers haven't either but it's sort of multiple polygamy.   A situation where more than one male and one female are living in a multiple relationship.

A lady called Kathleen Lewis is in the news because she has proudly declared that she has two husbands and apparently their non-traditional living arrangements now also include another wife, and some combination of children from each of the mixed up relationships.

I won't judge her.  Some might but not me.   Reading the article she seems to be pretty happy and it obviously works for her.

So what can we learn from todays post?    Maybe that being able to excel at something doesn't necessarily mean that you are smart, or that you won't be greedy and that some people have very weird fantasies and other people live them.


Peter (Worldman): said...

This Google trends is really great. I will have millions of things to post in the future.

Shinade said...

Oh boy Loz,
Is this ever the truth? although my life has been filled with many extreme things to over come. I wish someone would write a book about me too!!

I could use the money! Hugs:-))))

Anonymous said...

Being a huge figure skating fan I remember that Tonya Harding incident. Some people do get famous or should that be infamous for all the wrong reasons.

I saw a bit of Bondi Rescue last night and Paris Hilton caused quite a stir just by walking along the beach with her posse. Why? She's just famous for being famous. I bet no-one could really tell you one notable thing she's done. It's very strange.