Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lost Generation

This has been garnering a lot of attention and I will let it speak for itself.

All I can tell you about the author is that there nic on youtube is metroamv and that they are a 27 year old student from Chicago.   As of this date the video has been viewed Views: 3,354,504 times and had 2,755 left.


Marty! said...

Hi Loz, thanks for dropping in and saying hello. Your visit was a very nice surprise!

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beth said...


I love it. I needed to see the positive - as I am dealing with a lot of negative right now. This too shall pass...

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Cazzie!!! said...

Wow,it gave me shivers right throughout the whole clip. I so hope the reverse is what will prevail, it is what I am teaching my children.
Thinking of you tomorrow, let's hope the wind does turn Northerly as predicted. You live in such a lovely place Loz.

Loz said...

Marty! - as was yours - and I've wondered with what you previously commented whether you'd visited Australia?

Beth - we all need reminders sometimes :)

Cazzie - welcome and thank you. The forecast has been amended to a top of 36 instead of 38 but the winds are still supposed to be pretty strong

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suZen said...

Coming from a generation that knows sacrifice, making do, and doing without - as well as basics like growing food, cooking, sewing - I'm wondering when (or if?) the younger people will realize the hope for tomorrow means a lot of change not just in the words they speak but in their actions and a trip back to yesteryear is not a bad thing but the only thing. Love your blog, will follow.

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Jackie said...

Hi Loz,
I have seen this before and it is a great video. I also dropped by to sign back up as your follower...cuz I love you and your blog. I am still down by about 60 people and ready to scream at Google. So if and when you get a chance can you come by and re-follow me too?
Love and hugs,

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