Monday, February 16, 2009

Habba Syndrome

Now if you read the heading of this post you may be wondering what the hell Habba Syndrome is and why I would be talking about it.  But bear with me and I'll try and explain.

When I posted the stories about David Tree and Sam the Koala last week I suddenly started to receive a lot more visits than what I normally got from you, my small but loyal readership and I decided that it may be worth trying an experiment.   Most of the hits on those stories came from people doing google searches on a combination of those words.

So today I looked up Google Trends for 15th February and found that the top search as I write this is for "Habba Syndrome".    So I thought, even though this won't be actually posted till late today, that I would place this post on here and see how many hits I receive from people searching Habba Syndrome.

And if you do happen to visit here as a result, so that your visit isn't all to no avail, may I point you to some places that will give you the information I hope you seek.

This is straight from the website of Dr Habba who I am sure is very pleased to have the syndrome named after him, although you may wonder why.

"It is an association between a dysfunctional, intact gallbladder and chronic diarrhea. Patients with the syndrome present with varying degrees of chronic diarrhea (three or more bowel movements per day for at least three months). Diarrhea is classically described as frequent, loose bowel movements and may be watery in nature. They could be explosive at times and may even be associated with great urgency and even incontinence. Diarrhea is mostly after meals (post prandial diarrhea). Because of this urgency, patients usually look for a bathroom wherever they go, also known as "bathroom mapping"."

And for me that is quite enough information especially given that it seems to manifest itself mainly during the day.  If you do have it, may I wish you a speedy recovery.


terri said...

In light of all the research you've done, I wish you many, many hits! :-)

Anonymous said...

ummmm - Why would that be the most enquired item on Google at the moment?

Seems a bit weird. Has there been a massive outbreak or something?

Well if there has, here's hoping all those affected gain a speedy recovery. How awful that must be.

Re the fires - What a relief it feels now hey Laurie? Even though dangers are still present of course, a calm has come to a large degree it feels. My side of the mountains here are still very smokey. It feels such a relief now that in the most part our homes are no longer at risk.

I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for all the wonderful fire fighters, volunteers, emergency workers, government officials and I think especially our Police commissioner.

The stories coming out are heart wrenching and then often heart warming. Mankind is showing it's best and that's the way it should be.


Peter (Worldman): said...

I don't suffer from this syndrome. But I did not know about Google Trends and I found this interesting. And I will "play" with this Trend thing. It might give me ideas for posts.

Loz said...

Thank you Terri - it's been interesting with around a dozen hits from Google so far today related to searches for this syndrome. Makes me wonder how many SEO type sites manipulate google to ensure they get hit. I came across one which has just lifted the top 10 searches for that day and put them in as key words to a post that had nothing to do with any of them.

Anonymous said...

I rarely look at my stats to be honest Loz but it's an interesting experiment. Let us know how it pans out.

I'd never heard of this syndrome but it sounds very unpleasant.

Loz said...

Jen - I have no idea why it would be so high for a period of time either - maybe it got mentioned on a news story somewhere.

Loz said...

Hi Peter - it's a bit of fun - pick something obscure that shows up, write a post and see what happens.

Loz said...

Dear Gypsy - I sound like a bit of a stat whore I guess. I do pay attention to where people come from to visit here mainly by looking at Feedjit, but I also like google analytics to see what keywords people have searched to actually get to what is a pretty obscure little blog amongst millions :)

Guest said...

think I know why this syndrome has gotten so much recent attention. it was featured as a reenactment on a reality show called medical mysteries ... I think a lot of people , me included , saw the patients story and thought - wow that 's me ! I went straight to the internet . I am now being treated for the condition

Loz said...

Thank you for the comment. I think I get around 2 or 3 visits per day just from people searching for Habba syndrome even a couple of weeks later. I know I was a bit flippant in the post and I hope I didn't offend. I wish you good health and hope that it passes. (Should I have said that?)

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Estrella said...

I am one of those who found your page by Googling Habba syndrome. I have the syndrome and - for your information - there is no cure for it. But there is excellent medication in the form of cholestyramine - I hope everybody who reads this and have the syndrome also have had the chance to try cholestyramine! This powder has definitely saved my life!

Loz said...

Hi Estrella - thanks for taking the time to comment

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Yess said...

I don't have Habba but I know someone that does, he has been too many Drs and no one could find out what it was until one day he saw the Discovery channel and realized that he had the same symptoms.