Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fires Still Threaten

The photo was taken near sundown on Friday night from my back yard and as you can see the smoke hanging over Melbourne was still thick.

At around 4 pm this afternoon a fire was deliberately lit in Tecoma [where I lived until July last year] which is around 4km as the crow flies from where we are now.  The Country Fire Authority again reacted quickly and as far as I know they managed to confine it the the forest without loss of property or life.

The person who did this ought to face attempted murder charges despite the fact that no one died.  No person here in Melbourne could fail to be aware of the danger of that act given the events of the past week.

And now it's the morning after and as I did last Saturday I count my blessings and thank the CFA again. Spot fires are a huge risk from any fire at the moment. The grass in my front yard breaks when I walk on it, so brittle and dry it is. And the bush it drier still. Tomorrow the winds are due to get up again and we face more anxious moments, particularly with a firebug walking aorund my hills.


Mum-me said...

I'm astonished that anyone would be daft enough to light a bushfire at any time, let along do it in Victoria at this time! When they catch him/her I think they'd better check for a brain.

skipper said...

Why do people start fires - especially in the wake of everything that has happened? Do they need attention? I don't get it. I am very glad it was put out quickly Loz - I would like to keep reading your blog for awhile...