Friday, February 20, 2009

Borneo Monster

It's a week for weird creatures this time with the release of photographs of a giant serpent like creature called the Borneo Monster.

Supposedly 100 feet long it looks far larger in this picture although it is difficult to get a proper sense of scale. This is supposed to be the River Baleh which is the longest river in Sarawak. Local legend calls the creature the Nabau which has a dragons head and seven nostrils.

Maybe this thing is the mummy of the Mongolian Death Worm.

This picture was supposed to have been taken by a member of a disaster recovery team who was monitoring floods. But whilst it is starting to proliferate on line I can't find any real pointer to where it originated. There is mention of it in the Kuala Lumpur Newspaper New Straits Time but the link to the article is broken so I can't verify whether that is the original source of the story.
This second photo is also unattributed to anyone and whilst I am prepared to say it might be a bloody big snake. It could also be the floats on a fishing net or something photoshopped into the background.

So for any budding cryptozoologists, let me know whether you think it's real or not.

LM over at Life's Moments has commented that it reminds her of this bloke from her past and mine -


Life's Moments said...

Wow...Photos of Cecil the sea serpent but no beany with him...LOL
Hmmmm. Looks real in the first photo.

Loz said...

Ha Ha - you're in my age bracket. I remember Cecil and to prove it I've updated the post with his picture :)

Anonymous said...

I also think the 1st pic looks more genuine but at a guess I'd say they are both fakes especially if no-one is claiming responsibility.

Loz said...

Hi Gypsy - I reckon both are photoshopped.

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