Thursday, January 22, 2009

Summer's 'Ere

Two days ago the temperature topped 39C and the wind was the type that sucks the moisture from your eyeballs at the same time it squeezes the grit in.   Today just after 8am it is already in the high 20's.

Last night there were gale force northerlies, rattling windows, blowing blinds and waking birds well before sparrow fart.  Every little creak of the house seemed to be magnified and the echoes woke the dogs who lent the chorus of their barks to the cacophany.

Winds that were strong enough to blow a dog off a chain.

Living in the hills of Melbourne I fear days like today.   The winds bring the threats of bushfires and the drought we have suffered for 10 years means that fuel is high and the ground dry.  We are expecting some sort of cool change this afternoon but that will come with thunder storms which bring their own threats.


Blur Ting said...

Oh dear, you're atthe mercy of the weather. It's hot and windy here too but nothing like what you're facing. I hope you'll get better weather soon.

terri said...

I have been complaining about the extreme winter cold we've been experiencing and wishing I could move elsewhere. Your description just goes to show that there are extreme conditions that come along with the location, no matter where you call home.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Thank you for visiting me and signing up to follow me. I've done the same as I love how you write....words that enable me to actually "see" what you're saying. I hope the weather gives you a break soon...if you'd like to cool down, you could come visit ME. LOL
Be well.

Loz said...

Well dear blur it did moderate yesterday afternoon and is far more pleasant this morning.

Loz said...

Terri I guess like everyone when we do get the extremes we wish for the other - a bit like life really.

Loz said...

Hi and welcome Val - I intend to get around to visiting my blog friends more often this year and to explore some of those who link to them as well. I'll be back to see you :)

Michelle said...

Hi Loz

It's 6 degrees here in North Scotland today and we've had strong winds for weeks.. or at least, it feels that way!

I can't say I miss really hot days, but I do miss WARM. I don't think humans like any kind of etxtremes much.