Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Is that really spelt with four "t's" - i can't be bothered looking it up so if someone cares to comment I'd appreciate it.

Must be getting a bit weary after a big year and a little cranky at times too.  Not enough to do a full on rave like some I've read lately, but maybe enough to point out a few things about manners.

It has been a long time since I worked regularly in the city, more than 10 years and there are both things I enjoy about it and other things that I'd prefer not to have to deal with.  Is it just me or do other people realise that manners seem to have been forgotten.   Here's a few things about that 40ed [ 4 "t" ed get it - groan, very bad pun I know] word up there.

Don't walk 4 abreast on the footpath.

If you are walking to an intersection and approaching a red light, let the people through who have the green light facing them.

Remember there are such things as lift [elevator] protocols.  If there are a lot of people queued up waiting for one to arrive, which happens often in the building I work in, don't effin push in to the front.

There, that's much better *sigh*  ;). 

And if really doesn't have 4 t's please accept my apology.


Finn said...

It's three, but you alredy knew that didn't you? And you're quite forgiven.

People, I find, are completely oblivious. Completely.

BJ said...


Bear said...

I'm confused... well actually I'm Bear and I've popped in from Angel's blog... but when you say "Don't walk 4 abreast..." am I right in assuming that you don't like it when two women walk side by side...? (tehe)

Having introduced myself, I'll take a wander through your blog if that's okay.


Anonymous said...

G'day Loz

I was so happy to see you on my blog yesterday and today and straight after Christmas I am going to catch up on some reading on here to see where you're at.

For now though I wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and thankyou for that kind offer to allow my friend to email you. It was very sweet and generous of you.

It really was a lovely surprise to see you. xx

Loz said...

Dear Finn - I did know but it was fun wondering if anyone would comment :)

BJ - thanks for the visit and welcome.

Bear - Welcome to you too. I love seeing women walking side by side or otherwise. And please enjoy your wanders through this my online life :)

Dear Gypsy - Remiss of me not to visit you more often but last I read you had closed the blog. I found you again through a comment over at skippers. Please do get your friend to email if he wants. I know that it truly does help to talk and sometimes it's easier with a stranger.

Spellingbabe said...

I had to look, but I knew it didn't need an a...:)