Sunday, August 10, 2008

What's in a name?

It's been freezing here today. Flurries of sleet and snow on the nearby hills. According to the weather bureau, the most widespread snowfalls across the state in 20 years. I guess we can blame global warming for that too.

It's been noticeable standing on the railway station platform this week with the cold seeping in through the cuffs of my trousers and sleeves, insidiously tickling the warmth from my body. When the wind blew, as it did on Friday morning, you could feel the tendrils of cold reaching in and shaking the warmth away.

Have you ever had the experience where you've been watching someone walk past and there is an unfamiliar familiarity about them, an echo of a face from the past hinting of memories from a briefly glimpsed past. Such were my thoughts on Friday when a bloke walked past me who reminded me of a face from 40 years ago. A young lad at primary school called Peter Heard. I have no idea whether it was him or not, chances are it wasn't but he may have grown into a man who looked just like that one who rushed past me in the cold.

Sometimes those thoughts trigger a sort of free association of other things and I started to think about the names that were common when I was a kid and about how many other Peter's I knew, along with John's and Mark's, though few Luke's and Matthews, they were names belonging to a later generation. Amongst the girls the most common names were Jennifer, Julie and Cathy.

I never met another Laurie until I entered the Police Academy and even then he was a Lorenzo rather than a Laurence like me, and I don't see much evidence that my name will ever come into vogue, never was, never will be.

I've checked facebook and there are seven other Laurie Joyce's listed and a couple of Joyce Laurie's, all female. Maybe I should start a Facebook group.

This ended up being a post that went off in a direction somewhat different to what it started as, but it got me thinking, how common is your name?


Dorothy said...

Hello and glad to see you posting here...i somehow thought you stopped...

My married name is Smith and boy did I wish I kept Stahlnecker...too darn common.

My maiden was Cerio and I was called cornflakes.. wasn't that fun?


Dorothy from grammology

Dorothy said...

My married name is Smith..and I shutter every time I book an appointment. There are always hundreds before me... And if your running a credit check it's a disaster..

See you..glad your back..

Loz said...

Hi Dorothy
My Mum's maiden name was Smith and I remember meeting one of her cousins once who told me "It's not common, it's just popular." ;)