Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little Wonders

I'm back from a wonderful trip. I've spent the past two days processing some of the photos and over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting about Thailand and what a great place it is. I want to go into some detail in the off chance that people searching will find some of the information useful.

I'll get around to visiting my blogs friends over the next week as well.

In the meantime I am really pleased to say that my youngest daughter stayed at my place last night for the first time in around 18 months and when her mother goes away at the end of the week on a holiday she'll be staying with us.

So in celebration may I ask you to listen to the following from Rob Thomas.


Andrew said...

Hope it did not get too much under your skin. A case of the Thailand desires can take quite some time to get over.

Loz said...

You're right Andrew - there are always some post holiday blues but we'll try and overcome them by planning the next trip. I want to take my daughter back next year to do some mahout training at the Elephant Conservation Centre at Lampang.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Laurie. So glad you had a wonderful time. Look forward to your posts and pictures.

And very glad to hear that news about your daughter.

The song - well a few tears here. I know I have written to you before about that song. Is pretty special. I use the quote a lot in my writings - "Let your clarity define you." Fantastic words - hey?

I'm sending you an email. Hope it doesn't get lost in the neverland.

Jen xxx

paisley said...

welcome home loz.. looking forward to the pix... have fun with your daughter!!!!

Blur Ting said...

Nice to know you've enjoyed your trip, now we're all just dying to hear all about it and go gaga over the pictures.

I'm sure your daughter will be happy to go traveling with you. You guys will have such a great time.

Worldman said...

Welcome back. It is nice to have you online again. We all are looking forward to read about your trip.

terri said...

Welcome back! It must be wonderful to have your daughter with you for even a little while.

Gypsy said...

Welcome back Loz, you have been missed around these parts. So glad you had a wonderful time and the icing on the cake is your daughter relenting and coming to stay with you. That's progress!

Can't wait for the pics and stories of your adventures.

Finn said...

You're back! You were gone for years... :D

Can't wait to see the pics. And so happy about your daughter!