Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An interpretation

I think I have worked out the beach dream. Every year of my daughter's life we have spent Christmas holidays at the beach. Last year, the first of separation, I spent the first week away with them and came home when their mother went up and spent the final two weeks with them. This past holiday their Mum only booked two weeks and so I wasn't given the option of going away with them. Now let me say that I understand the reasons why and I do not place any blame or harbour any ill-feelings about the situation, but it meant that for the first time I didn't have Christmas holidays with my kids.

The holiday has always been with a group of other family and friends and whilst the faces have changed over the years, the actual feeling of the holiday as a relaxing time that set us up for the year ahead had remained unchanged.

When I took my daughter out last Thursday night she asked me if I would book the third week next year so that she could stay up there longer with me. Now the cynic in me says that this is as much because she enjoys the location and the friends as it is a desire to spend a holiday with her Dad, but I also believe that she missed me a little bit this year.

So in the dream the beach represented our holidays as a family, the rising waters the splitting of the family and me being in the rear seat a sign of my lack of control over the holiday situation. I have thought about contacting the camping ground but I suspect that the site will have been given to someone else now and given the popularity of the spot it will be very difficult to get a site for that time of year.


Gypsy said...

That makes a lot of sense Loz. The softie in me thinks that your daughter missed having you there for part of the holiday and I would definitely investigate the possibility of trying to book the extra week. It's a step in the right direction that she asked you that no matter what her motivation.

Dorothy said...

I agree no matter what the motive, she is comfortable with her dad and that is most important. So enjoy and book the week and get to know her even better. As she gets older her needs and emotions are changing.

This time,even if small among her friends will give you more light into what she's thinking about. Not a bad thing..

My best,
Dorothy from grammology
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terri said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to spend time with your kids this year. That must have been difficult. But it must be a good feeling that your daughter wants to make sure that in the future, she gets her time with you. Hope you can work something out!

HollyGL said...

I believe you nailed it, Loz. ...and OF COURSE she missed you. It doesn't matter what has happened (and it will matter less and less over time), you're her dad.

Seine said...

awww, that's sweet. i agree with everyone that she definitely wanted to spend the time with you. i know that my dad is so incredibly important to me, now and 10, 15 years ago. (didn't always agree with how strict he was!! :)

Jeff said...

No fair, like any of us could know that stuff!

Seriously, I read somewhere that the dreamer is the only one that truly can have the true interpretation of dreams, so I think you have it right.

It is nice that it means so much to your daughter that she wants you to intervene for next year.

Blur Ting said...

Well, I always think daughters always have their father's interest at heart. I know becos I am one. I like doing the little things to make my dad happy.

Footsteps said...

I didn't realize you were dealing with such significant family changes. Sorry. Been there; doing that...
How lovely that your daughter could express her need for you. Daughters ALWAYS need their dads
-in differing and evolving ways as they mature- but consistently (as in "forever").
Rest in that. Your love is absolutely irreplaceable to her.