Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I don't like cricket

I love it. At least the long form of the game. Test cricket is what I'm talking about and I certainly won't try and explain it to people not born to it because unless you know the culture it is virtually impossible to explain a game that goes for 5 days but may not produce a result. Here is one of the more succinct explanations of the game -

You have two sides one out in the field and one in.

Each man that's in the side that's in goes out and when he's out he comes in and the next man goes in until he's out.

When they are all out the side that's out comes in and the side that's been in goes out and tries to get those coming in out.

Sometimes you get men still in and not out.

When both sides have been in and out twice including the not outs , THAT'S THE END OF THE GAME!

I hope that explains it.

Australia is currently playing a test series against India and is one up in the series with the second match having begun in Sydney today. If we win this one it will equal our world record of 16 consecutive test match victories. For those who don't know, this is a remarkable feat and shows the dominance this team has had over all other test playing nations in the recent past. Admittedly they include places like Bangla Desh and Sri Lanka - the latter of which is playing pretty good cricket at the moment. But there is also New Zealand, England and South Africa included in that run of victories.

In the first session of the match this morning India were on top and in the early stages of the afternoon session they took four wickets for 16 runs leaving us in a precarious position of 6 for 134 - no I'm not going to try and explain that. If you know anything at all about the game you'll know it means that India were on top and that Australia was struggling, if you know nothing, then you'll just have to take my word for it.

As I sit here now though Australia has recovered to be 7 for 354 which is a remarkable and stunning recovery. This was due to a fine seventy odd by a bowler Brad Hogg and an even better 138 not out by Andrew Symonds.

But, believe it or not, this isn't a post strictly about cricket but about mixed metaphors because listening to the radio earlier today a commentator said when Symonds had just come to the crease that "He may well fall on his sword but he will go down with all guns blazing". Now that may not be my favourite mixed metaphor but it comes close.

My favourite is by a young lady whose name escapes me, who said on radio 3AW many years ago - "That opens the floodgates to Pandora's Box of worms."

So my question to you dear readers is what is your favourite mixed metaphor?

And finally here is a song form my past by 10CC

Picture of Andrew Symonds from Pictopia


Ian said...

Test cricket is by far the best form of the game. Australia got out of jail today - India can count themselves unlucky - Ponting should have been out much earlier and Symonds absolutely hit the cover off the ball, was caught behind and the umpire must have been the only person at the SCG who missed it. The umpiring today was pretty appalling. No doubt someone like Sachin Tendulkar will cop a red hot decision against them tomorrow. (The visitors seem to be on the rough end of the bad decisions more often than not).f

Kate said...

Wow I am confused about the game of Cricket! I am a visual person so I think I would need to watch it b4 I actually get it! lol

I like the ...Pandoras box of worms" better than the "He may well fall on his sword but he will go down with all guns blazing". both are clever though! =]

Happy new year... I wish you lots of cricket in your life this year! =] (along with the usual good health, happiness and peace!)

Jeff said...

I have actually played cricket before here in the states when I was a kid. I still don't really understand it. I can only assume that Test Cricket is something different than the one I played.

As far as mixed metaphors, I like any of them that President Bush has stated in a public speech (too many to state).

HollyGL said...

Ha! I love Jeff's comment about Bush. Of course, I will generally launch myself across a room just to reach the remote and change the channel if there's even a hint of our President making a public statement. The ever-resultant mortified embarrassment is simply too much to bear.

Cricket sounds interesting, though I'm not certain I have any clue whatsoever as to...well...maybe I have to be there.

Sheesh, I am so tired I could sleep like a log until the cows come home. I know, I know, a feeble attempt, and one that I don't think qualifies technically, but ...I really am tired tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

favorite mixed metaphor...Don't burn your bridges till you come to them.
--a general during WWII

Happy New Year

Seine said...

if the person's in, but the sun's out, and cricket is in in india, and his team is out, but not before they were in, does that mean that susie has to sit between bob and tom at the party?

i think i just failed that test ...

Gypsy said...

This is my third attempt at a comment on this post so lets hope I am successful this time.

My husband is painting the family room at the moment and the cricket is on. Its very difficult to determine which of the two is more stimulating.....watching the paint dry or watching cricket. Sorry Loz, give me the footy any day.

Anonymous said...

i like gosh..just NO idea.....LOL!

Random Magus said...

I like ODIs better. Husband is addicted to cricket.
Happy New Year :)

Dorothy said...

I didn't quite understand however, it was a pretty good first try. Sounds like a great game...

The music..I like it.

My best, Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

dan leone said...

So if I tell you that the New England Patriots have beaten the 1972 Miami Dolphins with a perfect season of 16 consecutive wins, would that mean less to you than your description of cricket?

I LOVE American Football and am happy that I don't waste any MORE of my time watching yet another sport. I don't even know if any American TV stations carry cricket!

Good luck, Australia!

So take that to the bank and smoke it!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

My son is going to his first cricket match on Tuesday with a friend (and friend's father). He did not want to but then said "oh, I may as well get the experience out of the way once and for all".

terri said...

The game is lost on me. (Might be better if I actually saw it.) YOU'RE passion for the game is evident though. What a fun post.

My husband is the king of mixed metaphors. Of course, I can't think of any good ones at the moment!