Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I don't swimming in sewage

The Herald Sun reported on 23rd January 2007 that aboriginal kids at Uluru were cooling off in the heat by swimming at the local sewage farm. Now I know that most aboriginal communities are disadvantaged so the fact that they don't have a pool may well be another example of that disadvantage. But seriously, what parent would let their kids go for a swim in sewage? Who should take responsibility for that?

At least the Herald Sun didn't beat it up like the Northern Territory News which stated that " CHILDREN at a remote Aboriginal community are being forced to swim in sewage to keep cool."

I don't see any evidence of anyone "forcing" the kids to do it. If the parents of these kids are aware of it and know that there is a health risk then I can see plenty of evidence for irresponsibility on their behalf. I don't get it!

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