Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blogging Mentor Award

Sue a fellow Aussie Blogger from Blogging Sueblimely has created a new award and I will let her explain it in her words -

I have gained so much more knowledge of blogging than I could possibly have learned just by researching the subject. This is all due to the help, support and encouragement I have received from other bloggers. I have therefore created the Blogging Mentor Award to recognize and thank those who help us on our path to blogging, be it encouraging and helping us to start blogging or helping us to be the best we can, once we have started.

Unlike most awards, it is not necessary to have received it yourself to be able to pass it on to others. It is free for anyone to use; anyone who wishes to say thank you to their own blog mentors. All that I ask is that you include a mention and link to my Blog Mentor Page. This way I can compile lists of those who have been generous enough to give the award and those who have received it, giving them recognition myself by some backlinks

There are two formats to choose from - the graphic or the button:

Telemachus and Mentor

What prompted me to create the award was reading that January is National Mentoring the USA. This is an initiative spearheaded by the Harvard Mentoring Project of the Harvard School of Public Health, with the aim of recruiting volunteer mentors to help young people achieve their full potential. The US ‘Thank Your Mentor Day™’ is dedicated to thanking or honoring individuals who have guided us and had a lasting impact on our lives.

Although the Blogging Mentor award is not restricted for use in January’s Mentoring Month, ‘Thank your Mentor Day‘ may be a particularly good time to use it. The date for 2008 is 24th January.

I thought that I would pass this onto people who have been regular readers and contributors to this blog through their comments and who have helped me on my journey. Back in the early days when my only reader was me I didn't realise how important other people would become. Slowly there began to be the odd comment here and there and the people below were those who really encouraged me to keep writing. So whether you may think so or not, you have all been my mentors. I have learnt by your comments and by my visits to your blogs. You have offered encouragement when I needed it, advice when I asked for it and it is through the generosity of your time that I have kept this blog going.

So folks please accept this and proudly display the badge as my way of thanking you for the past year.

Josie - Josie I know you're still incognito but you do deserve this award.


paisley said...

you are such a darling for thinking of me loz... it has been a wonderful year tho hasn't it?????

Loz said...

Paisley I was just in the process of letting people know about the award. You I think were the first commenter I ever had and I really appreciate the friendship over that time. I think we have both grown a lot since the early days of blogging.

Blur Ting said...

It's really such a honour to receive this award, especially from someone like you whom I look to as a mentor. Your blog is always such a joy to read, and oozing with wisdom.

Thanks again Loz. And have a really enjoybale trip in Thailand!

Loz said...

Dear Blur - I have truly valued the comments and support of everyone on this list and continually learn from each of you. Thank you for the kind words and for your support. And I am certainly looking forward to the trip :)

Finn said...

Thank you, Loz. How lovely. And what a wonderful idea. I shall certainly pass it on...

Beth said...


Thank you so much my dear - I can't believe it has been over a year all ready - can you? Please keep blogging - I have learned much from you as well...

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh LOZ! I am so very touched and honored by this. Thank you just doesn't seem big enough.

Worldman said...

This is almost a "Life Event". I was on my blog. To check a few things. Then I refreshed the page. And found your comment. Which made me "run" to your blog.

Thank you very much for this award. I will display it proudly, the more so as the graphic is beautiful.

Like you, I was my only reader at the beginning. And then with time, people came and many developped into regular visitors. And ties start to develop and a new community of friendship exists.

Though having no problems with personal relationships, I am happy to have this community from the Global Village. It fits perfectly into my lifestyle. And it makes you discover a tremendous amount of new things.

And, reaching 65, I can confirm: One is never to old to learn.

Thanks a lot again.


Loz said...

Finn - you're welcome and please do pass it on

Loz said...

Beth - I have every intention of continuing to blog and you like Paisley were one of the first here.

Loz said...

Mel - I have enjoyed your company over the the time and appreciated your insight

Gypsy said...

What an honour to receive this award from you Loz. You have so supportive and encouraging to me and I value your friendship highly. Thankyou for thinking of me as one of the recipients of this fantastic award. Only an Aussie would think of that (well done Sue). I will treasure it always.

Loz said...

Peter although I am not all that far behind in age it is that age plus the fact that English isn't your first language that makes you an inspiration. Thanks for being a member of my community.

Loz said...

Gypsy - you are welcome young lady and it is nice to be able to give this award to a fellow Aussie. Your support is greatly appreciated and I love my visits to your blog too!

Nick Phillips said...

Loz - I'm honoured, seriously I am. Thanks for the award pal, I'll definitely have it on my blog soon :D

Jod{i} said...

Oh My!
Loz this is so sweet and kind! And yes you brightened up my day, no make that my week!
Thank you dear friend!
And just so ya know th e knowledge goes both ways!


Gypsy said...

You called me young lady....I think I'm blushing..... Hi Loz, just here to check the details so I can bestow some honours myself. Hope you had a great day :)

HollyGL said...

Thank you so very much, Loz. I am deeply touched, and the feeling of support and encouragement received is mutual.

Thank you, my dear friend. xoxo

Gypsy said...

Now it's your turn to come and collect a little something.

Shinade said...

Oh Loz congratulations. I know I have been absent quite a bit lately but so very,very much happened in my personal life in the two months leading up to Christmas.

You are so deserving of this. I so remember when I used to visit quite a bit and read about your journey through life. You are an inspiration to me.

Thanks too for stopping by and visiting me. You were so right when you told me about not deleting my blog.

You told me to just walk away from it and eventually I would find the joy again. That was some of the best advice that I have ever received. Thank you so much for that!!

Jeff said...

Thanks for including me, Loz. Sometimes it is easy to forget that participating in others' blog lives matter that much. I am humbled and honored that this matters enough to you to include all of us.

Sorry I have been a little slow lately. The explanation is on my blog.

I will get to this on my blog as quickly as I can.

Have a great weekend and thanks again!

Pen and the Sword said...

Thank you, Loz. Thank you very much :o)

Loz said...

Nick - You are most welcome

Jod{i} - I'm glad I brightened the week for you and it is a deserved award.

Gypsy - you are much younger than I and thank you for returning the award

Steph - it takes bravery to write some of the things you have and like Paisley you were one of the first to give me support. So thank you.

Loz said...

Jackie - welcome back. You are one who gives inspiration to many through your blog and if I did have any small part in encouraging you to keep blogging then I am glad of that.

Loz said...

Jeff - your honesty shines through on your blog. Thanks for accepting the award

Dorothy said...

Loz, it was like receiving flowers. Much appreciated and as I catch up there at least two specific sites, which have helped me, and I will pass them on and let them know where this idea came from.

So glad to be back..By the way your award is a first for grammology
thanks much


dan leone said...

How can a Mentor be a Mentee at the same time?

I am honored and just wish I could send the meme back to you, Loz!

Thank you. Done.