Saturday, January 26, 2008

7 Weird Things About me Meme - There are thongs and thongs

I've been tagged by Nina of The Alien Next Door with the "7 Weird Facts About me Meme". She had been tagged by Mel at Monday Morning Power who had received her tag from Colin at Life. Colin had actually been tagged twice for the same meme, firstly by Lolli at So Cute Lovely Pixels and secondly by Joy at Ozlife Begins. And it is there that I will leave tracing back the genesis of this meme because It's Australia Day and Joy is an Aussie.

So where to start with this one? I thought maybe the physical ought to dispose of a few weird facts.

1. I can't bend the big toe on my right foot. When I was 10 years old I was out riding my bike and made the mistake of wearing thongs. Ha Ha! Just had a visual of what any Americans reading this post might be imagining so I better explain. In Australia thongs are footwear which I think you call flip flops. Anyway I had sweaty feet and my foot slipped off the pedal and got stuck dragging along the asphalt shredding my big toe down to the tendon. There wasn't a lot of skin to stitch together so It grew back tight and I still can't bend it.

Yes I know the picture is a bit gratuitous but I sorta figured it might boost traffic a little and I bet it got a few people wondering. But in the interests of balance and truth you can see I've included a picture of the real thing.

2. I used to get into trouble in the Police Academy for marching with bent arms when we were doing drill practice. Fact is though, that I have a congenital deformity in my elbows which means that the ball and socket don't fit properly. Even fully straightened my arms have a bend of about 5-10 degrees.

3. I have 24 teeth in my mouth. For those who don't know we are supposed to have 32. I had 4 removed to have braces put on my teeth and then 4 wisdom teeth taken out. Now you know why I may sound a bit thick at times.

4. I have kissed six women in my lifetime. Well actually three in adulthood, the others were during school days. Now that, if not weird, must be unusual for a bloke who has reached 50 years of age.

5. I am a qualified Palynologist. I think I've mentioned this a few times before but maybe before I actually had any readers. I'm not actually going to tell you what that is.

6. My favourite smell is petrichor. And to make it more interesting I'll let you look that one up to.

7. I have this thing for weird words that start with "P". But with a limited vocabulary you already know the extent of it.

Now I am going to tag some fellow Aussie bloggers given it is Australia Day, and I'm also going to pick out some people who I haven't tagged before. So apologies to them if you don't do memes or you think it may be another weird fact about me that I would tag relative strangers in the blogworld sense.

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So if you do choose to participate folks the rules are you link back to me and then tag it forward to seven other people who may have some hidden weird facts worth knowing.


Gypsy said...

Compared to some of the pics I have posted Loz, that one is practically virginal (its even white for goodness Boy what I wouldn't give to have her body... Anyway I'm getting off the subject.

You do have a copy of unusual body facts don't you? You have kissed 6 women in your life!! Now I feel like a real loose woman...I'd kissed that many boys before I left High School. Yikes! Probably shouldn't have admitted that should I?

Anyway Lozster I hope you are having a fab Australia Day.

Loz said...

I did say it was weird :)

I was a very shy young lad.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I love it when I get a new word to look up on Google.

Kissed not too many girls - maybe you just got the right ones in the first place. For me, well, let me just say I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my prince..

Linda and her Surroundings said...

PS: I love that smell too. How lovely that it has a name now to give it. Is there a word for the smell of freshly dried washing on the clothesline?

Kelley said...

Thanks for the tag Loz. I will add you to the ever growing list of people that have tagged me for this and I have been too butt lazy to do it.

And the others.


Loz said...

Hi Linda - just read your post on your first kiss.

I love that smell too - maybe we should try and make one up. Make sure it starts with P though.

Loz said...

Hi Kelley - believe me I know the feeling, i'm a fair way behind too, so don't feel pressured.

CelloBella said...

I was just trying to think of a way to describe that smell more succinctly the other day - it's my fave too. :)

And I'll do your weird meme!


Loz said...

Well thank you CB ;)

Blur Ting said...

Reading about your biking accident makes my heart stop beating. OUCH!!

You have some mind bloggling words here. I'm gonna check right after this and add some new words to my vocab.

Finn said...

I think this may be the best version of this meme I've ever seen!

Only six girls? I hope you kissed them all a lot!

Pollen and spores? Why?

I'm right there with you on the smell thing. Funny that the term was coined by Aussies, no?

Megan from Imaginif said...

Hey loz
I'm a day late but Happy Australia Day and thanks for sharing your heritage links with other Aussie bloggers.

And...wear shoes when riding a push bike! Thongs are either for the beach or dental floss for your bum....never for the bike riding (either on your feet or your bum!)

lol....really enjoyed this post Loz. Thanks for sharing yourself without even kissing any of us.

FindingHeart said...

I grew up wearing thongs to the Texas beaches. My vocabulary changed when I was teaching 10 year olds and mentioned a time 'I wore thongs when I went swimming'. Time froze right after I said it, awaiting for the sound I knew I was going to hear. "OOoooo!! Mr FH wears a thong!" It took some time to convince them that I was talking about footwear, but I have ever since called them sandals. Ha!! Thanks for jerking that memory back to the front of my brain.

Loz said...

Blur - I was young and stupid and have hammered into my kids ever since that they don't wear thongs when riding a bike.

Loz said...

Finn - some only once. I must be really bad at it.

Why pollen? It seemed like a good idea at the time and I did get a trip to Macquarie Island out of it.

Maybe we smell it more often over here. Still it is nice that it has a name.

Loz said...

Megan - thank you. I only did it once - with the footwear I mean. Don't think I'd care to try the other type ;)

Loz said...

FH - now I've learnt something too. I didn't even know that Texas had beaches.

Shinade said...

okay Loz these are some of the best answers I've read.

1. Ouch on the big toe. And, I see FH has already told you that we used to call them thongs too.

2. Please,please...tell me what the P words are. Ozzies have a simply delicious out look on life and a fabulous sense of humor:-)


Anonymous said...

well being the american in this group..yeah the thong thing...LOL kissed only 6 women...well i kissed less men..HA and yes you certainly have a large vocabulary...#5,6 you gonna tell us what those words mean???? LOL

sfgirl said...

WOW! Cool weird facts about yourself, Loz! I had no idea there was a word for the smell of rain on dry earth. I just LOVE that smell too! And neat to find out that you are a palynologist... Though I don't dealve much in paleolimnology (I'm a limnologist), that branch is very interesting and goes into your field...

terri said...

Love how you drew us in with that first pic! Of course I had to see what you had to say on this one! Although, I think that may be a string bikini, not a thong. Thongs have a much smaller triangle of fabric in front. Or so I hear.... ;)

I didn't realize it, but I probably also only have 24 teeth. I had four teeth and four wisdoms pulled, all at once. I was afraid to have them done on separate occasions because I thought I might not be willing to go back after the first round!

Loz said...

Jackie - maybe I'll write a whole nother post on P words.

But try peristalsis first.;)

Loz said...

jyankee - ok palynology is the study of fossil pollen grains and petrichor is the smell of rain on dry earth

Loz said...

Hi Nina - I can't find your book in OZ so I'll have to order it on Amazon. Now let's see if you can work both those words into a story :)

Loz said...

Terri - I'll have to bow to your expertise on that. Wish I'd known before I put the picture up